Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September's Mystery Quilter

Shauna Anderson was our Guild Mystery Quilter.  This first quilt was done with the blocks we all made when she was the guild president.  It was a block of the month and each month we would choose a different color for the block and the black tied all the blocks together.  I love the way she finished her quilt.  It turned out beautiful.  She said that she has a very supportive husband that is willing to stop at the quilt shops when traveling.  That is great.  She also, loves to take classes.
I think she said she bought this Hawaiian quilt.

This is the front and the picture below is the back.  Isn't this a beautiful quilt.  I think these were blocks from a block exchange.

This was done using just scraps.

This quilt was made for Shauna's parents when they retired.  People that worked at Ruby's Inn made the blocks for the quilt.

This is certainly happy.

If I remember correctly these quilts were made at classes that Shauna attended.

Shauna quilted these too, I am fairly sure.  She really produces some beautiful work.

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