Thursday, April 27, 2017

April block

We have a new block for our block of the month.  Rhea is showing her block and it is a different size than the one Debbie made.  They have the instructions if you need them.  Remember these blocks go around your focus block.  You are making your own design for your quilt.  It is also nice if you can use a fabric that will tie the whole quilt together.

This is Debbie's version.  The photo just above is from last month so if you missed it you can make it up.   The other day I was looking at quilt stuff on youtube and saw Edyta Sytar, from Laundry Basket Quilts, show how she designed a quilt.  It was wonderful.  It was a preview of a class on Craftsy.  I think when I have the time I may watch the whole thing.  I hope your quilt is coming along, If not maybe you would like to look up that video.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Crystal's Antique Quilts

Crystal went to Texas and she was able to pick up a quilt and quilt top while she was there.  I absolutely love the Lone Star Quilts.  I remember the one that my friend becky did and it was stunning.  LaVee also did some and those were beautiful too.  I think this one is lovely and the pieces are smaller than the ones I have seen.

I think that this quilt was hand pieced.  It is beautiful too.  I bet the shop was a fun one to go to.  I can't remember which shop she went to though.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Guild Making Bags

Crafts has a free class to learn to make this cute bag.  It is supposed to whip up in less than an hour.  Claudia and Debbie showed us how easy it is to make this bag.  You can even adjust the size.

Claudia had this foam stuff on hand and used it as the stablizer.  Debbie used soft and stable.  Both bags turned out darling.

With right sides together you sew your fabric with the stablizer on the three sizes.

Then you cut out a square from both of the bottom corners.  You also need to make a second set of just the fabric for the lining.

You have to sew across the part you cut.  Honestly you may have to look up the class.  Don't forget to sew in the handles too.  That may be clear as mud.  Just know that the bags are cute and Claudia and Debbie were great to teach us.  

Oh Deer

This is just a small section of the deer that gather in the fields here.  People are so amazed they drive slower than snails to watch them.  You not only have to watch for deer but also watch for slow going cars.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Our 4H has been really fun this year.  My girls are loving the projects.  This past month they have been working on making and decorating masks.  They spent time planning it out before doing the real decorating.  It was interesting though, not many maskes looked like the planned mask.  They had fun and that is the best part.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dianne's Quilt

I want to remind you all that the Quilt Walk classes are up online.  If you are at all interested we would love for you to come to Panguitch.  Our Quilt Show is free to everyone, and you are welcome to enter your quilts too.  Our Quilt Walk Retreat is the Second Weekend in June.  We would love to meet you all.
This is Dianne's Latest quilt.  She came Wednesday to bind it at our open sew.  I love the striped binding.  She did say that the diamonds were a bugger to get straight, but the quilt turned out darling.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Swimming Good Time

These are my coin filled Easter Eggs in the pool.  Some floated and most of them sunk to the bottom of the pool.  My kids love to swim and they had a blast finding their eggs.  
It sure is more work for them to keep diving to collect their eggs.

Each of the kids got to find 12 eggs.  They love getting money and I love that they aren't eating more sugar.  I would definitely do this again.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Egg Swim

Every year we go to Colorado to visit family and we stay in a hotel.  My kids love the pool.  They would be in a pool all the time if it were possible.  We don't normally have a regular egg hunt besides the one that the community puts on.  This year I thought we would have an Easter Egg Swim.  I put money in these plastic eggs.  I put numbers on the eggs so the kids can each count their own one through eight.  That way the money ends up even for all three kids.  I put the same amount in each of the 2's and each 3's and so on.  I don't know if they will float or sink yet.  I am hoping that some will be at the bottom and some in the middle of the water and not so many on top.  I put coins so they are weighted.  I'll let you know how the hunt turns out.  It will be definitely different but a lot of fun.

The Enchanted Forest Prom

My girls love the prom each year.  They look forward to the decorations, the dresses and of course the refreshments.  They love dressing up too.  This year the theme was the Enchanted Forest.  It was fun with the fairy lights everywhere.  Is what I loved best of all was that my son would dance with his sisters.  A couple of his friends would also.  What nice boys to dance with the younger girls.  The girls felt like princesses at a ball.

This looks sort of scary with their eyes bugging out but they thought it was fun.  They danced until their mom was too tired and we went home at eleven.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More Beautiful Quilts

Here are some more beautiful quilts for you to be inspired with.  The creativity of all you quilters is amazing.  They are all so nice and different from each others.  I don't know the people that are showing their quilts but these were also from the winter retreat at Ruby's Inn.

It was a treat to see all these lovely quilts.  I enjoyed being there and rubbing shoulders with such fun ladies and a very few men.  I think I will go again next year.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Some More Quilts

These quilts were show and tell quilts and I don't know the makers.  It has been a while and so I don't remember much of the details on these.  This first quilt is one that we are offering a quilt class on at the Quilt Walk.  It is beautiful and would be a fun one to make.  Look up if you are interested.  There are many other classes too.

This is a great kids quilt.  Kids love the eye spy quilts.

Doesn't this look like a game board?  I am sure my daughter would make it into one.

I love the Halloween Cats.

This is amazing.  I think this is all hand done.

This was amazing too.  It is even better in person.

All the quilts were fun to look at.  It was nice of those that made them to bring them to share and inspire us.