Thursday, August 17, 2017

Amy's Ancestors

Amy Maxfield came and gave us a trunk show at the quilt walk.  She has been so great to show us all of her quilts.  She said she had ancestors that lived here in Panguitch.  
She was able to tour the house that belonged to her Grandmother, I think it was.  Any way Peggy owned the house that is now the Red Brick Inn.  There was a quilt that she thought was made by Amy's relatives and she gave it to her.  Amy was thrilled.  What a nice story, I wish I could remember the details of it all better to tell you.

I hope you get your gardening and flower arranging over to the fair this morning.  Tomorrow the fair opens so we can see all the fun entries.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Getting Ready for the Fair

We have been getting ready for the fair.  My girls were involved in a 4H T-Shirt quilt camp.  My girls love their quilts but may I just say that one of my girls does not like mom to tell her what she should do.  Oh was that rough.  We got them done though.  T-shirts still stretch even with the pellon on the back.

We were taking picture so we could remember the placement and I photo bombed the picture.

We have make central here at our house.  We had friends over and did our cake decorating.  The girls loved it.  I didn't use vanilla in the frosting just so it would be less appealing for my girls.  They have a corn allergy and the powdered sugar is full of corn starch.

They all had a great time.  Even their older brother, and sister in law got in on the action.

Our Garfield County Fair here in Utah is one of the best events of the year.  I love it.  They are having online registration so if you have not done it  here is the link
If you don't want to do it online you can register there and they will put it all in the computer for you. I hope to see all your wonderful handy crafts and see you there too.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Are You Ready For The Fair?

I hope you all aren't "chicken" to put your entries into the fair.  It is coming up next week and I hope we can have a great quilt display.  They are taking the entries on Wednesday.  My girls are in full "make" mode.  My house looks like it too.  This quilt is Dianne's, she was binding it at one of our sewing nights.  It is so fun.  I love it.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kids Camp at the Quilt Walk

Kid's camp was a huge success.  THe kids had a load of fun.  They made bean bag chairs, a bag and a chap stick holder.  Their teacher is Ashley from the St. George Bernina Shop.  She was fabulous and I highly recommend her as a teacher.  Both my daughters loved the class.

These are all the kids at show and tell showing off their projects.  You have to register early to get into the kids camp classes so be watching for them.

Remember the Fair is next week.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jerilu's Pumpkins

Jerilu's pumpkin quilt is so cute.  Look at the little tractors on the fabric.  I love the fabric and colors. It is darling.  Now she just needs to have the quilt quilted.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Quilt Walk Show and Tell

The show and tell was a lot of fun at Our Quilt Walk.  Here are some of the show and tell quilts.  I don't know most of the people and so I am sorry I cannot give credit to whom it belongs.  It has also been a couple of months so my recollection is poor also.  Just enjoy the photos.  That turkey is moving so fast it is a blurr.  Those turkeys turned out cute.

I loved the barn quilts.  This one is darling.

Clam shells!

My friend Becky has really made some beautiful quilts and this cowboy boot quilt is no exception.  

I love this granny square quilt.

I am fairly sure that this is Angeli's daughter, Chrystal.  She sure makes some pretty quilts.  Her quilt is below.

This almost looks like a painting.

These next few photos are from a Kanab group showing what they have been doing with their 4H group.  They really do some fun projects.

This is my friend Taylor.  She is doing so well with her sewing.  She made this bag.  

Thank you to all of you that showed your quilts.  I am sorry I didn't get your names.  You are welcome to comment if you recognize someone and I will add the information.  

Reminder, coming up is the Garfield County Fair.  Get your projects ready.