Wednesday, March 21, 2018

February Guild 2018

This is our new direction block that we are exchanging this year.  This quilt is Roxanna's.

Crystals pineapples look so sweet.

Crystal is spreading the love with this quilt.

This United States quilt is done like the collage quilts.

This stained glass window quilt is Rhea's.  Wow.

Rhea also made this butterfly one.

Keela worked hard on this one.  It is beautiful.
Keela also made this one for a wedding, I think.
This is the back.
Shauna has been busy.  She made this one and the next

Becky put this one together and the next one.  The one below is one that tells her story.  You will have to ask her about it.  It is a great story.

These two are made by Becky for her sisters.  They are even more beautiful in real life.  She has done some amazing quilts.

This is our fearless leader Roxanna.  She is teaching us how to make wonky stars.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Show and Tell from November

These are the show and tell photos from our Christmas party.  I thought you would like to see them.  Better late than never.  These first photos are of Bonnie Miles and her quilts.
The granny square quilt is one of my favorite patterns.

These two photos are of the front and back of this star quilt.

This quilt is done with scrap strips that were sewn together.  It is like a free quilt.

Rhea made some table runners.  The embroidery is so pretty.

Lyllian made pillow cases for gifts.  She was busy making a load of them.

Our Christmas party is always a bunch of fun.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Block of the Year

This year at guild we are going a new direction.  This is our block for the year.  We are doing the same block each month but doing it in modern fabrics and different colors each month.  If you want to make an extra or a few extra you can enter in a drawing to win a bundle of blocks that others are also putting in.  If enough bring blocks you will have a bunch to make a quilt.

Next guild meeting we are going to talk about wonky stars.  These are Roxanna's blocks.  My sister Heather made a quilt out of these stars and it was out of this world.  It will be fun to see Roxanna's technique.  We are also bringing cookies for our refreshments and with the cookies we need to bring the recipe.  At the end of the year we will have a cookie cookbook made.  It is another wonderful start to our Bryce Country Quilt Guild.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


     My photo is not all that great but this is a gift that my sister, Heather gave to me.  I love it.  Another sister of mine was talking to me last week and told me about a piano teacher someone she knows had.  The teacher had instructed her student and the student went home and didn't follow the instructions the teacher had given her.  The teacher asked her why she didn't do it and then proceeded to tell her student this.  When I give you instruction it is my gift to you, when you follow my instructions it is your gift to me.  We keep giving these gifts to each other.  
     Isn't that a nice way to think.  I think you can think of this same lesson as we put our quilts in the fair or quilt shows.  As someone critiques our quilts they are giving instruction so that we can improve.  It is their gift to us.  Not everyone likes to have people critique their quilts but it is a great way to improve.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Block of the month and Book Covers

Rhea made these darling little books.  She embroidered on each of them.  It is made of paper that looks like leather.

This is our last block of the month for this year.  I hope your quilt is coming along.

It has been a great year.  Thank You Rhea for all of your hard work and thank you to all who helped.  We look forward to a new year.  I will try to get the show and tell photos up soon.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Jerilu, Dianne, and Lana's Quilts

This month has flown by.  Sorry I haven't kept up.  These pictures are from last month's guild.  Jerilu, Dianne, and Lana did a trunk show for our guild.  They are good friends and I think they are all fabulous.  They make beautiful quilts.  This top one is one of Lana's quilts.  It is a scrappy dresden.

Lana likes to make scrappy quilts, she can pull from her stash that way.

I think this is Dianne's.

Jerilu made this wool and cotton quilt.  She had a wonderful time working on this.

This almost looks stained glass.  This is Lana's.

Dianne made this giraffe and Jerilu made the fox below.

This is a great way to use up your scraps.

Dianne also did a grey and yellow wedge quilt that turned out beautiful.

These are wool chickens of Dianne's.

Jerilu got this kit from the Corn Wagon in Springville.  It is so cute.

Dianne's grand-daughter is the owner of this one.

This is one of my most favorite quilts in the whole world.  Lana has this displayed in her entry way and I love it.

Jerilu and her maple leaves.  Look at all the fabrics in each leaf.
These quilting ladies are some of my favorite.  I love getting together with them and sewing.  They really have some beautiful quilts and they are a lot of fun.