Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ten Sisters

This is Carmen Geddes' quilts.  She sells all sorts of foundations to make perfectly matched seams on quilts.  The quilts turn out beautiful.  None of the primitive look like I make with not quite matching seams.

Carmen teaches classes too.  I have been to a couple of her classes and really enjoyed them.  I have not yet tried the foundation that she sells but I am 100% prepared to make one.  I have the stuff and saw how to do it.

This is my favorite.  I love all those little squares.  This is a granny square quilt.  It is beautiful.

Now I am not into MineCraft but I know some kids that are.  I know they would love this quilt.

Camen's website is www.tensisters.com.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bryan Head Fire

Last night, coming home from Quilt Guild, the smoke was amazing.  I didn't get a photo of the sun but it was fuisha.  From the top of Red Canyon it looked like Panguitch was on fire.  These are a few of the photos I took coming home.

Clouds really do have a silver lining.  I hope the fire is out soon.

Bernina From St. George

We love Dave's Bernina from St George.  They are a wonderful addition to our Quilt Walk.  They service our machines, sharpen scissors, and teach classes.  They even give away a sewing machine to someone that has signed up for classes.  They have fun stuff in their store and booth.  Their kids camp was fabulous.  My daughters were both in it and Ashley was a great teacher.  I will make sure they are in the class again next year. They will also be offering a intermediate class next year. 

These are a few of the quilts they had in their booth.  Many of them are done with the embroidery machine.  All of them are pretty.

I think this one would be pretty in wool.  I will consider it.

I have a tv table like this and love it.  My top to it isn't done but I will get to it.  It is really handy.  I saw several people with their little tables around the Quilt Walk.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Baskets and Batiks from Africa

Each year Mary comes to our Quilt Walk and sells baskets and batiks from Africa.  She has some really nice stuff.  I have three of her baskets and don't need any more but I love them.  Her Batiks are pretty too.  They are hand dyed.  She also had beaded baskets.  

Mine looks like this but different colors.  Aren't they pretty?

I don't know any more information on her but check out our vendors at the Quilt Walk next year and you can pick up some for yourself.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vendors at the Quilt Walk

These are photos from various vendors at the quilt walk.  They had some pretty quilts and some fun wares.  If you didn't come maybe these will inspire you to try to make it next year.  The ladies selling were really nice and it is fun to see them return each year.  This year we had a few new ones and it was nice to meet them too.

This shop had Moda solids for 5.00/yard.  She has come the past couple of years and the bolts just fly out the door.  What a deal.

I really love the Sun Bonnet Sue's on this quilt.  I think this shop is located in Richfield.  

There were more than this but I wanted to just give you a small sample to get you motivated.  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Donna's Continued Trunk Show

This is the continued Trunk Show from our last months quilt guild.  Donna was showing us her beautiful quilts.
Now I know this is not Donna, It is Sandy but I forgot to include her in the show and tell section before.  Isn't she great.  This is so pretty.

This quilt turned out fun.  It was done in solids.

Donna said that this is out of her normal color palette.  She really prefers blacks and reds.  

The scraps keep flowing.  This is done with a bunch of two and a half inch squares.

This purple one was made for a friend.

This is a fun pattern.  It is a cute baby quilt.

This is the back for the quilt below.  Donna was using it all.

This is a pretty quilt.  I love the pinks and green and brown.

This was done with a block exchange.  She said she still has a load of these blocks left over.  It sure turned out cute.  Even the ones where the blocks touched that are the same look great.  It was so nice to have Donna come see us and share her talents.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Vegas Family History Center

This is my daughter.  Last year while working on my geneology I found that I was related to the Sea King.  I thought that was great and it was back in the 5 or 600's.  I made Sophie a sea grass crown while we were at the beach and told her she was Princess La Jolla, descendant of the Sea King.  She loved it.  On our vacation we stopped in Vegas.  They have a spectacular Family History Center.  They have wonderful helpers and classes.  I was able to catch a class on attatching photos to my family history files.  I had a wonderful time and am hoping to go there again later this month.  Our Family History Library here is nothing compared to theirs.  If you are ever there in Vegas and have some time I highly recommend going there.  It is right down town.

This is my daughter with her Grandmother.  It is important to get the photos at family activities and preserve them.  I was visiting with some other people and wanted to make sure she we had a picture so I sent my daughter to take it and this is what I got.  This is better than no picture at all and it will preserve a memory for Sophie.

This is Uncle Ken and Aunt Candlaria.  Ken was able to baptize Candlaria this past weekend.  What a wonderful time to see family.  Now next week I get to see more family.  We are having a reunion on my side of the family.  I love it.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Donna Fagergren

Donna Fagergren lived in Bryce Valley for about ten years.  The ladies love her and were thrilled to see her trunk show.  This set is half of the trunk show.  You will have to wait for the next post for the rest.  She loves to make scrappy quilts, the more variety the better.  

This purple one was made for a friend.  It looks like the rail fence pattern with some love sewn in.
This log cabin was made using all sorts of scraps.

This one really is amazing to me.  I don't know why and maybe it is the one color with different shades but it is beautiful.

This one was one of her grand son's eye spy quilts.

The brights on this one is so cute.  

Donna made several things with this fabric, from a quilt to a runner.

I love this log cabin quilt.  It is a Christmas table topper.

Donna said she was using some fabric that some one gave her for this one.  

This one was darling.  It was an ugly fabric contest.  I love it.  I never would have thought it was ugly fabric.

Donna wishes she would have started this with a smaller middle.  I thought it was beautiful as it is.

This one was made with hand dyed fabrics.  The blocks are paper pieced too.

Mini quilts are adorable.

Check back for the next enstallment of Donna's Trunk show.  Remember to come over to the Quilt Walk.  Join us in the open sew room or take a class.  We are having a great time.