Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Beaver Fair Quilts

I was able to go with some people from our county to judge their county fair.  It was out near Minersville.  I want you to know that I was not the judge of these beautiful quilts.  I was poking my nose in to see the quilts when they were supposed to be judging.  I took partial pictures of the quilts but these are some of the quilts they had there.  Let me just say that they have a very friendly group of people there in their county.  They have a guild that meets the first Tuesday at 10:00 at the opera house in Beaver.  I have not gone yet but I plan on visiting their guild.  I am sure they welcome everyone.
This quilt is perfect to show off the different barns.  I really think this is a beautiful quilt.  This is Amy Albreht's quilt.  It was quilted by LaReesa Baldwin.  It is called Where the Cows come home.
This is not the whole quilt but it was made and quilted by Michelle McNeill.

This fish could be straight from our Panguitch Lake.  It is amazing.

Geneal Yardley made this one.

This moose in the woods was done by Judy Langford.

This would be a good pattern for beginner modern quilters.  It was done by Susan Terry.

This one I think could be pieced and quilted at the same time.  It has the raw edge appliqué.

This is only one block of this quilt.  The pattern is really cute and I have seen it in many different quilts.  I never tire of it.

My friend Helen would love this one.  She loved these types of blocks.  It is a darling quilt.

Sorry that this is crooked but the Sun Bonnet Sue's are made by Susan Larity.

Mariam Kerksiek made this double wedding ring.  It looks like it was hand quilted too.

This is just a little part of this quilt but it is still nice to see.

This hexagon quilt is done with half at a time.  It turned out cute.  I think Jenny Doan has the tutorial for this one on her site.
Nella Black made this one.

Sandi Cosbey calls this cutting corners.  I only wish I could have shown you all sooner so you would be inspired to go to their fair.  They had a lot going on there.  

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Garfield County Fair FIne Arts

These are the photographs and art work that was entered into our Garfield County Fair, here in Panguitch.  Now I know there are many of you taking wonderful pictures.  We just need to get those to our fair next year.  Look at how beautiful these are.

These are the Professional group of artists.  Becky Whitney and Veda Hale painted these.

Ok, So the whole left side are my family pictures.  I had to do it.  We didn't have many entered and so I took our beach pictures off the bathroom walls and brought them.

The lower half are the kids photos.  I thought they did a great job with their pictures.

See that one in the center.  It was not photo shopped or changed in any way.  Wow.

These are all paint by numbers.  They really turned out well.

The water colors are in this section.  Two of them are done with bubbles.  I thought they were all pretty.

These are the High School entries.  Brittany McEwan is so talented.  She did all of these but one.  The other one is nice too but not quite finished.

All of these are pencil art.  They are very well done.

The top one is crayon art and the other two are pastels.

The top one is done in pencils and the bottom is pastels.  I am hoping to see more from these artists next year.

Our guild president did two of these paintings.  She surprised me.  Good job.

This is our kids art.  It was fun to see all of the different things that these kid made.  I am hoping to see more from others too.  Please encourage the kids to be creative.  We love seeing all of their creations.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Garfield County Fair Quilt Show

Our Garfield County Fair was so much fun this year.  We had more quilts than we have had in some time.  Thank you to all of you that entered your quilts this year.  I am so glad you were willing to bring them.  I am hoping you are glad you did too.

This is Keela's quilt.  You probably have seen it before on this blog.  It is gorgeous.  It is wool applique on to flannel.  

These are quilt blocks that someone entered for display only.  They are so pretty.

This is my son's quilt that he marked and tied himself.  He also bound it with some help.  

My youngest daughter tied this one.  My friend Lana gave her the top.  She also tied this herself.

Jaci Draper made this one.  She is 12 years old.

She also made this one.

These two are my daughter Zoey's.  She is nine.  She made them all by herself.

Angeli won this at a leader meet. 

This is one of my all time favorite quilts.  Lana made this and calls it a granny square quilt.  It hangs in her hall and is so pretty there.  I am glad she brought it to share with us.

Lana also made this red work quilt.  The embroidery on this would take me forever.

Our friend Sandy Johnson is the creator of this darling baby quilt.

This is a cross stitched baby quilt that was made by Lana.

Shirley Wilhelm made this "string" quilt.

Now this is such a fun quilt.  What little one would not want this.  My friend Dianne made this for her grand daughter.

Keela won the sweepstakes on this wool appliqué Christmas quilt.  She does such beautiful work.

Dianne made several of these for her family.  

Jerilu made this quilt.  It has been very popular.

Dianne finished her fall quilt.  Mine is still in blocks.  I need to get to that.

Crystal made this fiesta quilt.  It is stunning.

This one is Sloane Prisbrey's churn dash quilt.

Ardith Davis hand quilted and embroidered this quilt.

This is hand stitched by Ardith Davis.  It is called Cathedral Windows.

My friend Dianne has created some fabulous quilts and this is one of them.

Bev did a wonderful job on her fall quilt.  Can you see the differences from Dianne's?

Jerilu made this Christmas quilt.

This one is LaVee's Metro Rings quilt.

Dianne made this table top quilt.

Ardith Davis cross stitched these and hand quilted this one.

LaVee made this out of a couple of charm packs.  I love it.

This one is one is Sydney Prisbrey's quilt.

Iris Burr brought this one.  She is a kind lady.

Sherri Miller brought this one.  I am sure she made it for one of her lucky grand kids.

Florence Syrett made this Christmas quilt.  It is also appliqué.  It is so pretty.

Iris made this with some friends.  It is Halloween fabrics and it turned out so cute.

Crystal is the owner of this one.  I am sure you have seen it before in my blog.  It is a nice one.

Pat made this one.  She surprised me with the paintings she entered in the fair too.  What an artist.

Lana didn't want me to bring this one of hers.  She was surprised to get the judges choice on this one.  

Glenna Fletcher made this one.  I think it was hand quilted too.

Judy Wooley is who this one is by.  It has really fun details like fairies and sparkles.

The pinwheels on this one stick out.  My daughter said this was her favorite.

Becky has been working on her machine embroidery.  She is doing exquisite work.  I can't believe how cute the quilts she is making turn out.  I am really impressed with all she has been learning too.

Jerilu made these Halloween pieces.  The log cabin is a fun block to do.  I love the skeleton.

This one is Keela's.

Val Huntington from Hatch made this one.  The horses were a big hit here.

Becky made this one too.  The eyes sparkle.

Lana said this one was very fun to make.  She said she would make another on.  Nothing had to match.

Rachel Finch made this T-shirt quilt from Bobcat shirts.

These two are Ardith Davis'.  She hand quilted them.

Shirley from Hatch tied this one.  

This is another one of Lana's.  It is beautiful.

Sandy Johnson made this one.  I think it was our mystery quilt one year at guild.  It really turned out well.

This is another cute on that Sandy Johnson did.

Last but not least is Dianne's baby quilt she gave to her grand daughter.  The flowers are adorable.

Thank you all of you that entered your quilts in the Fair.  I loved looking at them and it made our fair so beautiful.  I feel your support.  Thanks.