Tuesday, July 11, 2017

June Block of the Month

These are some of the fabulous ladies from our Guild.  Sandy, Crystal, Lyllian, and Bev are setting things up.  Our pot luck dinner was great.  Our ladies really know how to cook.

Angeli, Jerilu and Becky.

Ok, here are the blocks.  Debbie has the patterns if you didn't get a chance to grab one.  We are doing the bow tie and the shew fly.

These are some different ways to put them together.

I hope you are all working on your blocks.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Show and Tell For June

June Guild was our annual picnic.  The food was fabulous.  It always is.  These ladies really know how to cook.  These are the pictures of Show and Tell.  The first quilt is Crystal's.  This was done from a blog hop.

Sandy is the creator of this and the table runner below.  The lights were throwing off my camera.  The colors are not quite right.

Lyllian made this one and the next for some grand children.

I didn't quite hear the story on these quilts but this and the next were made by Kay.  They are beautiful.

Claudia made this as a prototype for a couple of quilts for some General Authorities for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that came to Panguitch.  It turned out so nice.

This is one she is doing for Sub for Santa drawing.  

This is also Claudia's.

Now these bags were made by Claudia and Debbie.  They took a class at Quilt Walk.

This is Crystal showing Debbies bag.

Cheri was given a charm pack of Hawaiian fabrics.  She was asked and asked if she had made them into something.  I guess she was bothered enough to get it done.

Crystal made the Fresh Farm Trees quilt reciently.  The colors are better in person, believe me.

Keela finished her Metro Rings quilt.  The quilting on this is so pretty.  The red is nice too.

Becky has been finishing her western quilts to sell in her store.  If you are interested in these contact her to purchase them.  If you need her information contact me and I will help you get ahold of her.

It is always a fun night when you are with such fabulous people.  I had a great time.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Winline and Quilts S'more

I love this sign.  These are photos from two shops, Winline and Quilt S'more.  Both of these shops have nice stuff.

Winline has all sorts of batts for your quilts.  Ladies were hauling the batts off by the arm load.  They have all sorts of samples for you to feel.  A lot of the ladies seem to be stocking up so the prices must be pretty good too.

These two quilts were from Quilt S'more.  She had some nice fabric but the thing that I really liked was the contraption that she had to help hold the quilt up so you could machine quilt with your regular sewing machine.  I did not take photos of that but I think it would really help.

These last ones are of Winline's prices and samples.