Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Farm Day

Aren't the new born calves cute.  These are just a couple days old.  They walk with wobbly knees.  The kids loved seeing them.

This is my Sophie at the Morgan Farm in Circleville.  Driving through you would never know that there was a farm this big there.

The kids loved petting the calves.

They were demonstrating how you could get hurt if you got too close to a tractor.  The scarecrow was everywhere.  It was a good field trip for the kids.  The Extension did a good job putting that together.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Show And Tell for May

To start off our show and tell, Tanya brought this gorgeous fall quilt.  We had a wonderful night with great quilts.

Shauna brought this wave quilt that she quilted her self.

Later finished her Mexican Boot quilt.  The way this quilt sparkles is amazing.  The photo does not do it justice.

This one is also LaRetta's.  I thought that this round robin was so fun.

This Metro Rings is pretty.  LaRetta has made a few of these.

I love how happy this quilt is.  LaRetta bought this kit from Main Street Quilts in Hurricane.  It turned out darling.

Jackie is our new member.  She brought several things to show us.  This one is made from some pieces her mother gave her.  They were hand stitched and then to finish them they were appliqu├ęd on to a background fabric.

She also made this tool bag.

This wall hanging was another of her projects.

And She made several of these bags.  That is what you call productive.

Crystal made this for her porch.  It has panels that cover up the welcome part.  Sorry, the panels are blurry due to the speed of Crystal showing them.  They did turn out cute though.

Next month is our picnic.  We would love to invite anyone who wants to join.  We do have a good time.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Block of the Month

The Bear Paw is the next block for our block of the month.  Here are a few color ways to show you.  Rhea and Debbie are showing theirs.  You can get the pattern from Rhea or online.

I do want to remind you to keep working on those quilts.  I really want to hang them in our Quilt Walk Quilt Show.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Family Pictures

This is a photo of my Grandpa and and Grandma some of my aunts and uncles.  My family is wonderful.  This past Mother's Day I was reflecting on my family.  You really can feel the love in my family.  They are people you know you can depend on.  Our family reunion is coming up.  I really look forward to seeing the family.  It seems any more that is the only time I get to see them.  My grand parents are long gone but the good loving feelings last longer than life. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Family History and Recipes

I have been doing quite a bit of family history lately.  I spend on average two days a week at the Family History Library here in Panguitch.  I have been loving it and getting a lot accomplished.  I had come across a small box while cleaning out a closet and in it had a spiral note book.  It was my husband's paternal grandmother's recipe book.  It was hand written.

I want you to notic the way she cut the pages to make tabs.  Isn't that clever?  Any way, I thought I could type up all the recipes for the family.  Well I thought again.  These recipes are in her own hand writing.  I think the family would treasure it more if they could see it in her own hand writing.  There is an app for the phone called Family Search Memories.  You can up load your photos directly to your account in Family Search.  Famiy Search is a free site.  You don't need to scan things and up load them.  You skip that whole process by taking pictures and loading them directly to your gallery on your account.  You then can drop them in any file.  I will put this whole cook book in Eric's Grand Mothers account.  If you are looking for them look under Florence Beth Porter on familysearch.org.

These are just a sample of what you can do.  I love it.  I love finding family.  By the way the DNA from ancestry is loads of fun too.  You can't believe the information you can find out.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

4H Fun

This is a paper made with a form and tissue paper.  It is glued together with liquid starch, using a sponge brush.  Our local 4H art group has some really fun projects.  The leaders are great too.  It has been a lot of fun.  I try to help out each week.

Yes, that is me shooting.  It is fun but I am not a very good shot with the bow.  I am much better with a gun.  I didn't bring my gun but the girls had fun throwing knives and hatchets and shooting the bows.  They also fed the families.  My girls were a bit afraid of doing these things but after trying them they loved doing the activities.  You know it is good for our children to try lots of things.  One time out on the lake in a canoe on a 4H outing, my daughter said, "I'm glad I did this.  I was afraid and I did it."  Sometimes we don't try things because we are afraid but there are so many things that we may love if we did get past that fear.  This was a fun evening with the 4H, even though it was windy.

My girls prefered the long bow.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Quilt Walk is coming soon.  I hope you have all registered for your classes.  There are still some classes available and so you still have some time to register.  My girls are excited about their kids camp.  I want to also remind you all that we will be gathering and hanging quilts for the show on Tuesday, June 6th, between 9:00 and 5:00.  I hope you plan on sharing your talents with us all, besides I need to fill the High School gym with quilts and I need your help.  These two quilts are reminders of the quilt show and tell at Ruby's Inn retreat.  

I went this past week end to Utah, County to be with my family.  We tied a quilt for our family reunion.  I have the fondest memories of my family getting together to tie a quilt for the reunion.  I got the top and the back all ready and my sister got the yarn and batt.  We met at another sister's house and tied it.  I loved the time with them.  It does help that I have fabulous family.  I am hoping that my children will have those same good feelings when they grow up so they will want to carry on the tradition.  I did fail to get a photo of us and the quilt though.  Maybe after Heather is done binding it I will get a photo to share.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hiking with Friends

This past weekend I went hiking with some friends.  We went to a place near St. George.  I was told it was called Yellow Top.

This is my friend Jerilu and her grand-daughter.

The rock formations were wonderful.

Can you see the pictures in the rock?  There are animals and something else maybe they are supposed to be people, there on the left.

This face is a natural formation on the rock.

Now this is what I had to climb up and down.  I don't think I ever want to climb this again.

The flowers were amazing.  These are from a cactus plant.

This lichen was so vibrant green that it was almost neon.

This thistle is white.  I have never seen a pure white thistle.  Usually they are purple.

This is from a sage plant.  It smelled heavenly.

Hiking in Southern Utah is so beautiful this time of year.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Show And Tell at Our April Quilt Guild

Our Guild has the best show and tell.  Crystal's quilt that she made for her son's Eagle turned out spectacular.

I love the spring gardening quilt too.  Crystal made this one also.

Below is Claudia's quilt.  It is quilt the bird quilt.  I have never seen this pattern before.

Rhea has a beautiful table runner.  

Claudia has a nice feathered star.

Lillian made this pop up thread catcher.

Lillian also made this patriotic quilt.

Marie is really using up her stash.  I am amazed at all she has accomplished lately.

Sandy made a phone holder.

Sandy also finished her block of the month quilt from last year.

Keela is ready for Christmas now.  Her wool runner turned out fabulous.

This collage quilt belongs to Crystal.  It is harder than it looks.

Crystal finished this wool bag.  

Crystal also finished this Buttermilk Basin pattern.  Honestly she doesn't need luck she is amazing.

Crystal is also on track with her block of the month.

Rhea has been making baby quilts for her family.

The trucks were made with Rhea's embroidery machine.

Isn't this a fun quilt.  It is also Rhea's.

These are also Rhea's.  She is amazing and really got a lot done this past month, she also quilted them.  May quilt guild is still on the third Wednesday but the time has changed to 6:30.  I hope you all have gotten your classes for the Quilt Walk.