Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quilt Walk Quilt Show 2014

These are the quilts we hung for our Quilt Walk festival.  The quilts were all on loan by the people who live near by or that came to our festival.  The quilts are not judged but we do vote on a peoples choice.  Everyone is welcome to enter and we would love to see yours in our show next year.
This quilt was made by Claudia Crump.  It is depicting how the men had to walk on the quilts, on top of the snow, to be able to get the help they needed for the Panguitch settlement.
This one is also of the Quilt Walk.  It was made by Sheree Walstad.  It has the whole story printed on the quilt.  Both of these quilts are amazing and so different from each other.  
This is a look at our quilt show from the top.  We have vendors on the sides and up top, behind me where I was taking the picture.  
This is one of Jerilu Houston's quilts.

This is made by putting together a bunch of log cabin quilt blocks.  I really think that Claudia Crump made it.  She is extremely talented.

Trees by LaVee Roundy.  

This is also LaVee's quilt.  She made it from one of Jenny Doans tutorials.  She thinks it is called a walk in the park.

This is one of my quilts.  It is called Bitter Sweet and the pattern is by Kim Diehl.  I made it for my supportive husband for his office.

LaVee Roundy, my good friend made this.  It is beautiful.

LaVee made this also.  This fits her table perfectly but she has too many grandkids that would spill on it.

LaVee also made this one.  It is so cute.  I am sure she is planning on giving it to a grand baby when one comes along.

This is Karen Harris' quilt, made for future great grandchildren.

This quilt and the next are the same quilt.  She made it with a quilt as you go method.   I really want to try this quilting method.  The back looks like the front of a quilt.

This is made with family photos.  LaVee says that Claudia Kurr made it.

I wish you could see the quilting on this quilt.  It has bikes quilted all over it.  It is so fun.  Jerilu made this for her daughter.

This quilt had different things from their family all along the edges.  It is an amazing family quilt.

The quilting on this quilt is exquisite.  I think the quilt is beautiful.  Jerilu made this one also.

This quilt was amazing.  It is an opportunity quilt for a Las Vegas quilt guild.  I loved it and the colors are very patriotic.  I should have taken a picture of the information because anyone would be thrilled to win it.

This is a quilt made in Cambodia.  It is really thick and heavy.  It is perfect for our cold Panguitch winters.   It also had pillow shams that went with it.  We only put one up.

My friend Helen Slack let me swipe some of her quilts to fill in the quilt show.  She does amazing amounts of appliqué and embroidery.  She is a good friend to have.

Diane Fullmer made this for her husband Bruce.  It looks even better in person.

Claudia helped me out by letting me hang some of her extra quilts.  She always comes through for me when I need her.

Sun Bonnet Sue by Karen Harris.  It is all embroidered cross-stitch.

This is the quilt that LaReesa Bladwin made.  You would not believe the tiny squares that this quilt has.   It is called Oh My Gosh.  It is beautiful.  It won the peoples choice and will be featured in our next years advertisements.  She is a machine quilter also.  I think that she may have quilted about a quarter of the quilts in the show.  She does beautiful work.

Jerilu made this and the next quilt.  This one is a Kim Deihl pattern.  Jerilu is amazing.

This quilt is flannel.  It almost looks like wool.  It is so pretty.  

This is made from a bunch of yo-yos.  I love the look of it.   It is all hand done

This is also a quilt by Jerilu.

Lorna Barnherst made this hexie mini.  It has these darling little button flowers.  I really think that I would like to make this quilt.  It is small but really has a visual impact.  I love it.

The lady that made this is from Escalante.  It is hand quilted and it is beautiful.

This is Over the River and Through the Woods.  The embroidery is beautiful.  I think it should be framed.

Wouldn't you love this one in your home to celebrate summer.

This looks like it is straight out of a magazine.  

The orange in this quilt is quite striking.  It is even more in real life.  I never would have bought this fabric until I saw this quilt.  Now I think I would like a few yards of it.

Becky Yard made this heart quilt.  It is made from log cabin quilt blocks.  I think she said that she cut all the strips with the accu-quilter.  Love it.

Becky also made this one.  The boots turned out so fabulous.  She does amazing quilts.

Becky also put this together from blocks that a friends mom made.

This is also one of Helen's quilts.

I swiped this quilt right off of the bed at Helens house.  She made this.  She is such a good sport.

I love this quilt.  I think that all the organized colors speak to me.  All of the little pieces tell me not to attempt to make it.

This is Keela Mangum's quilt.  It is one of my favorites.  It is a happy quilt and the bird just makes it that much better.  She is in our guild and does beautiful work.

The embroidery on this is fabulous.  

I love the appliqué on these quilts.

This is Angeli Sheffers quilt.  It is a jelly roll race quilt with embroidered blocks placed around it.  

This is a Book Of Mormon quilt.

This is my Gourdy's Gang.  I enlarged the pattern really big to hang in my house.  It can also double as a table runner in a house with children that don't goop everything.  

This is LaRetta Olenslager's Jelly Roll Race quilt.  She added the flowers and vines.  I think it turned out well.  I do wish I hadn't cut off the flowers in the picture.

This is also LaRetta's quilt.  I can't remember the name of it.

I think this is also LaRetta.  Isn't it fun.  She has a fabulous stash.

The embroidered haunted houses on this quit could be a hung project each on their own.  It is georgous.

Sheree did this quilt as a challenge with her sisters.  They decided that it only had to be primitive and they could make it how ever they each wanted.  It is her sisters quilt.  I love the work she does.  I also took a picture of the bottom of the quilt because I love the gate and the holly hocks by the gate.  She is a fellow wool lover.

This is my quilt.  I had a couple of honey buns and a couple of panels to make this.  I ran out of fabric to complete the last row but someone in my sewing group gave me some scraps and I was able to finish it and put it in the show.  LaReesa Baldwin quilted it.  I wish you could see the beautiful quilting on the edges.

I would love to make this quilt.

Thank you so much to those that brought their quilts for us to enjoy.  I am hoping for even more next year.  All of the quilts were beautiful but I am only remembering the details on a few.  I am hoping to have my memory jogged so I can comment on more.