Thursday, July 31, 2014

Utah Valley Quilt Guild July Fair

The July Fair

Utah Valley Quilt Guild has a fair every July.  It is a wonderful event that I rarely miss.  This year they had it in the indoor tennis courts at the Utah County Fair Grounds.  The fair includes free classes, an auction, merchant mall, quilt show and garage sale.  The guild board go to a lot of work to make this happen and I love it.  I have never been disappointed. 
If you can read it, this is the schedule that they had for the classes.  Really you had the opportunity to go to four different classes and each time slot they had three different classes offered.  

These were quilts from the merchants.  The air planes were cuddle or minkie.  It was really soft.  I always love a churn dash quilt.  

These are a few quilts from the Corn Wagon.  You may have seen them before in previous posts.  They are beautiful.
Norma Whaley is giving a trunk show at the Corn Wagon in August.  Don't miss it.

I love these batiks in this quilt.  The quilt is beautiful.  I think that this kit comes pre-cut.

I love the warm look of wool.  This is a simple penny rug, I like it.

This is a postage stamp quilt.  It is called a granny square quilt.  Carmen Geddes taught her method of making this quilt.  It seemed so simple and straight forward.  She uses a foundation to piece on.

This hexagon quilt was string pieced.  The merchant was showing how to do that along with the small hexagon quilts.  She used an iron on foundation on some of her small hexagons.  They are so cute.

I love this bright, happy quilt.

These are some of Davidean Zimmerman's quilts from her shop.  Her shop is near Park City, Utah.  I haven't been there yet.

This shop is call Just Sew.  They had darling fabrics.  They had that woolie flannel that looks just like wool.  They also had some of the fabrics that I love from Primitive Gatherings.
This is a fun quilt.  My friend made this pattern and it also turned out darling.  It is a happy quilt too.

Get ready for fall with this fall leaf quilt.

Sorry that the picture isn't so great.  I think it is a cute quilt though.

Just in case you wanted to get to this store.

This is one of the twister quilts on a small scale.  It is made with a special ruler that tells you where to cut.  It is very easy to make and you wouldn't even know it.  This is darling.

I think that this quilt is so happy.  I thought that my sister would love this one.

The quilts above and below are the same pattern with different fabrics.  Most people would never guess that it is the same pattern.  It goes to show you that color and fabric choice make a huge difference.

This edge is made from a special ruler.  I was impressed.  I like the effect it adds to the quilt.

The details make a great quilt spectacular.

I have a friend that made this pattern also.  It is really pretty.  Red and white, you can never go wrong with those colors.

My mother made one of these, double wedding ring quilts.  It is beautiful.  I am sure that these are made using quilt smart.  It is a foundation piecing.  I have a kit but have not tried it yet.

I thought this quilt was pretty.  It was one of the merchants.  She did a beautiful job.  She said she had a pattern  but wanted to add the sayings and so she worked them in.  She also added the vine.

The Garage Sale

This is the garage sale that they have every year.  People bring their left overs, unfinished projects, and craft items for the guild to sell.  They even have dishes, baskets, and many other items.  The money goes to the guild.  People are very generous.  I have even seen sewing machines, sewing tables, and a few antiques.
I love garage sales.  It is like you are looking for a hidden treasure for a great deal.  I got some fun fabrics.  I got a charm pack for .50 and some fabric that perfectly matched some fabric I have in another project.  I am hoping it will work for the back.  I also got a large piece of monks cloth for rug hooking.

I will show what I learned in the next posts.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gracie Lou's Quilt Shoppe

Gracie Lou's Quilt Shoppe in Salem, Utah.

This is a fun shop on the main road that goes through Salem, Utah.  I have only been in this shop a couple of times but it has some fun fabrics and patterns.  My niece loves this shop and says she finds some of the cutest fabrics here. 
This was my favorite quilt in the whole store.  I love it.  I would love to make one.  I love the bright colors and the white.  I think that the pattern is by Lori Holt.  She has A bee in my bonnet blog.  It is quite fun to read and she has fabulous ideas.

 Gracie Lou's had these cute little dresses around the store.

 The umbrellas are so fun.  Look at all the colors they used.  That is a lot of appliqué.

I love the blues and greens in this quilt.  The pattern is cute too.

 Darling panel.

 This quilt was on the floor like a rug.  What a fun idea.  We put our babies on the floor so why not on a soft quilt.  I really would not like people walking on my quilt though.

 I think this is a Dear Jane.  I love the Dear Jane quilts but they have so much work in each one I don't know if I will make one.

 My friends family would wri†e on their walls to mark the height of family members.  I like this idea better.  It seems that people I know seem to move more than before.  It would be sad to think of all that information getting painted over or sold.  This is cute.

 This is a puppet theater.  We have one that fits in the door way like this one.  I think it is really a great idea.  This one is weighted with dowels.  It also had a spring bar at the top to hold it in place, the kind you use for curtains.

 What a fun London quilt.  I wonder if the maker is from there or if they just vacationed there.  I would love to go there myself.

 This tie quilt would be perfect to remember the men in your life.  Fathers Day or when a loved man in your life passes, you could use his ties to remember him by.  My son is on a mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and making one of these when he gets home from Peru would be fun.  We will see how motivated I will be next April.

 These little quilts have a little doll to go in the sleeping bag pocket.  It is a great idea.  

 My sister is a Hello Kitty fan but she will have to make her own Hello Kitty quilt.

 This makes a birthday feel like a holiday.

Chair backs are really cute.