Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Corn Wagon Shop

The Corn Wagon Quilt Shop

This quilt shop is one of my favorites.  They always have great inspiration and fabulous fabrics.
I love the center of this quilt.  I would like to do a patriotic themed quilt some day.
My sister bought this kit.  It does look better in person.  The flower centers are fussy cut from some vibrant fabric.  I think it is great.  I wish I would have brought my camera and not just used my phone.  It is a beautiful quilt.

These are such happy quilts, I would love to make them.

I was thinking that you could store fabric in a poof like this and nobody would know.  It would be a secret hiding place.

The Corn Wagon has lots of stitchery patterns.  The basement really has a great selection of patterns and supplies.

This star quilt is a work of art.  I love the whole thing the applique is fabulous and the colors are beautiful.

This quilt is so cute my sister bought the kit and made it.  She loved it and now it is at the Corn Wagon being quilted.  I wish you could see the quilting because it is gorgeous.
Please ignore the lighting from the windows.  I think they ruined a lot of the photos.  I think the quilt below is one of my favorites.

There are so many versions of the twisty quilt.  I made one and it was easy and looks hard.  I would not be apposed to making another one.
Who doesn't like hexies?  We had some one teach us several different ways to make hexie quilts in our guild.  I love the colors of this one and how each looks outlined.

This quilt was the pattern they did for the shop hop I think last year.  I think it is to dye for.  Literally I would love to dye some wool to make this quilt.
The wool projects always catch my attention.  The pumpkins are so fun.  I think I will need to whip some of them up one year to decorate for Halloween.  The hooking and needle punch projects are fun too.

This wool quilt has to be a Sue Spargo quilt.  She has such a unique style.

This rug was probably made by Mariann Michaels.  She is an excellent fiber artist.  She dyes her wool and makes all sorts of things.  They have hand dyed wool there that she dyed that is beautiful.  She is amazing in all the things she does.

I know you cannot read this but it has the pledge in the center of this quilt.

The Corn Wagon is going to have a retreat in August to make this quilt.  Norma Whaley is the designer.  It has some words to live by on it.  I asked about the pattern but it is for those going to the retreat.  I bet it would be a great one to go to.

I think that this is the shop hop pattern, with the wrenches.  I do not think I would make this but it is cute.
This was in the wool section.  I love the wools that they sell here.  They also have a good selection of Cushing Dyes.

My fabulous sister is holding up a darling quilt with a panel by Jesse Wilcox Smith.  I love it but have been unable to find the panel.  If any one knows where to get it let me know.

This is rug hooking by Mariann Michaels.

The batiks in this quilt are so vibrant.  I really like this quilt but have so few batiks in my stash.  I will have to work on building that section of my stash. You know it would be cute in calicoes too, but this really speaks to me.

If you are ever in Springville, Utah, I would recommend you stop in the Corn Wagon.  Let me warn you though,  It is rare that you can get out of there without spending money.  They have such a great selection that you want to buy it all.

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