Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wool Bucket

This wool bucket is from the American Quilting Shop.  I love wool, as you know.  I really thought this was darling and deserved to be spot lighted.  My friend Sheree made one of these and it is beautiful too.

I really wish that I had looked at the pattern to see who the designer was.  If you are interested in the pattern contact the store.  I even thought that these blocks would be darling in a quilt.

If you are interested in the pattern I am sure that American Quilting could help you.  They are in Orem, Utah.  Their sight is  Amy's patterns are available at

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

American Quilting at Ruby's

American Quilting came to Ruby's for the merchant mall during the quilting retreat there.  Amy has that store and also designs patterns for her pattern company under the garden moon.  She is very talented and I have made some of her designs.  I love what she does and her store really speaks to me.

I love this quilt but not all the half square triangles.  
I will have more of this bucket in my next post.

I love this quilt.  I don't know if I ever will make it but the colors are beautiful.  These are the colors that the shop carries that I love.

Cute fruits.  

This is Bertie's Year patterns.  I am sure you have seen these all over pintrest.  They are darling.

American Quilting has a fairly good wool selection but I don't think they are hand dyed.  I love the marbled look of hand dyed wool but I love the patterns and store.

One of these days I will go up to the store in Orem, Utah, to show you all the fun stuff they have.  They really have a knack for displays too.  I highly recommend this store.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bucket Brigade

Jerilu and Lana made these buckets.  This one is for a grand baby to put diapers and wipes in.  Jerilu has all the supplies at the H&R if you are here in Panguitch.   The pattern is Bucket Brigade by Atkinson Designs.

The red one is Lana's.  She made several but only brought the one.  Jerilu made the rest.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sewing Night

Our Wednesday sewing night was so much fun this time.  We had a ton of show and tell.  Remember everyone is welcome and we would love to have any of you come.  It is at the senior citizen center here in Panguitch, at 6:00 every Wednesday except the third.  We go to Guild that week.

This is Reah's Quilt.   I don't recall the pattern but it is pretty.

Jerilu made this baby quilt.  She put the large panel on the back and it sure turned out well.  It is so cute.

Helen appliqued the little Scotti dogs on this quilt.  She is giving it to one of her great grandsons.

This is another one of Jerilu's.  I love it.

I sort of think this was Reah's but I could be mistaking.  

This one is Reah's and It is darling.

Joan is working on this one for a baby.  It is soft and beautiful.

Reah has done this one also.  She hasn't been to our sewing nights for a while so she is catching up by showing us all of her projects.  She is awesome.

Claudia is making the eagle quilts for the grand kids that are getting their eagle scout award.

This is another look at Dianne's quilt.   Nice.
LaVee is making this for a new baby grandson.  She says you crochet a single, double, single in one hole then skip one and do the same.  She says it is super easy but then she is all talented.  It looks like bubbles all over.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another Round Robin Christmas Quilt

This is another Round Robin from Ruby's retreat.  It is so cute.  Reah Made this she added the boarders too.  This is like Debbie's but she moved hers around a bit.  It is so cute.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Christmas Goose

The Christmas Goose Quilt Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of my most favorite shops.  They speak my color and fabric choice language.  They have a nice selection of wools and a variety of cottons too.

Please excuse the glare on the window.  The basket quilt is so cute I decided to show the photo any way.
This was a bow tie table topper.  It is so cute.

Here are some of the samples of wool projects they have.
This little Christmas quilt is done with needle felting.  If you haven't tried it you should.  It is  amazing the things you can do with wool.

I love this cotton wool project.  I think I would do it with squares instead of the half square triangles.

This would be a fun Halloween project.

The tumbler blocks are fun.  Isn't this cute.

I need to do my flag quilt.  It is one of my "I'm going to do that one day" quilts.

This sampler table topper is nice.  You get to try all different blocks, maybe you will like one block so much you will make a whole quilt with one of them.

These are little ornaments.  They are so nice.  Can you just imagine a whole tree with these on it.  Then maybe a tape measure garland and pin cushion balls.  That would be a lot of work but really cute.

I have decided you could make about anything with the twister quilt.

This advent or count down to Christmas quilt is nice.  It has pockets for surprises.  I think I would need one with bigger pockets so I could have five in each.

I think the simple flower is cute.

I have never tried this technique but I think it makes a nice soft quilt.  These were actually made into hot pads.  I haven't seen that before but I have seen them made into baby quilts.

No need to bother putting up a tree.  You could just hang up your tree quilt each year and save the energy for making gifts.

I don't think I have ever seen a sampler quilt like this one.  

This must be a block of the month.

This is in the class room.  I think it is a class.  I love it.

These would be cute for Valentines day.  My youngest has been asking me to decorate for Valentines Day but I don't have any decorations.  I really need to make some.

Cute tree skirt.

This is that pattern I want to try out.  I heard you use a jelly roll to make it.

The quilting is nice too.

I have thought that making a tree skirt with this technique would be fun.

These are some class samples.


Cute pin cushion.

These little half square triangles are so tiny.  It is a darling project.

This is wool on a screen.  It is certainly interesting.  I think it could "grow on me".  Ha Ha.

Cute churn dashes.

The plus signs seem to be popular lately.

I love this because you could use up all sorts of thin little scraps.  Those were really skinny strips.

This is punch needle.  I have not completed any punch needle projects I am sad to say.

This is a little pin cushion.

This is a truly beautiful quilt.  The sun messed up the photo but I hope  you can get the feel of it anyway.  I am happy to say that The Christmas Goose is planning on coming as a vendor to Panguitch for the Quilt Walk.  If you are in Vegas check out the store.