Thursday, January 28, 2016


My family loves these, aebleskivers.  They are like pancakes but made round in a special pan.  We eat them with home made jam or jelly, syrup and sometimes we put little cuts of cooked sausage links in the center of them while they are cooking.  

Here is the recipe that I used last time I made them and they were delicious.  The batter stays good in the frige until the next day if you don't cook all of them.  It is also a good recipe for pancakes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Friendship Scrap Quilt

Look at all these different squares.  I have been saving scraps for a while.  My friends give me some of theirs too.  I cut them up and put them in a box.  They are all 2 1/2 inch squares.  This is a great project for your enders and leaders.  You know instead of breaking your thread when you are done sewing something you sew two squares together and leave it there until you are ready to sew the next thing.  It saves your thread from making those awful nests of knots.

When I look at this I see all the scraps that came from those that influence me so much.  I treasure their friendship.  I think of them when I work on this quilt.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Story Book Quilts

Jerilu has made a few story book quilts.  These are from panels and then cut up to make these cute quilts.  

I think the panels are by Rylie Blake.  They are really cute.

This one is a Christmas one.

This is another Christmas one.  

Now this is Donna's crocheted baby blanket.  It looks like it has little pink hearts going across the whole thing.  She is working on the boarder now and it is exceptional.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trish's Barbie Clothes

This past sewing night Trish brought a box of Barbie clothes that her mother had made.  This box was quite a treasure.  Her mother has passed away and so these clothes bring her lots of fond memories.  These were extreamly well made.  Actually I don't think I have ever seen such well made barbie clothes.

You are only seeing a small portion from this box.  I could not believe the work that went into these clothes.

This coat would not lay right for me to take a picture of the other side but let me say it was darling.

Square dance dresses are so fun.

Here was one of the piles from the box.  We couldn't believe how many were there.  Now this box was full of the unfinished ones.  They all need snaps and clasps or velcro.  

There were several western vests.  The denim ones even had the western yolk.

I would call this a Love Boat Dress.  My soon to be daughter in law had no idea what a Love Boat dress was.  That sure dates me.

I remember kids in my high school wearing these types of jackets.

Trish also had patterns for clothes for Dean Doll and another doll that I had never heard about.  Those patterns were for more georgous doll clothes, more of the designer type.  I loved seeing all of these.  I think my girls would have really enjoyed the Barbie clothes fashion show too.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jerilu's Farm Quilt

Jerilu just got this one back from the quilter.  Look how cute it is quilted.  It has chicken wire stitched all over the center.  Panguitch Home Center or H & R has the fabric.  I am not sure who gets this one but it is darling.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cute Stitcheries

I thought these were cute stitcheries that you may want to try.  This first one says it all.  Our group of ladies do stick together.  You know looking at this it could very well be a few in our group.  We get together and stitch just like this.
These stitcherie patterns and samples are at the Corn Wagon in Springville, Utah.  Check them out.  They have a great blog too.

This cute little quilt has some nice stitching on it.  I like the blessed are the piecemakers.  Is that just what we are?

This is my favorite of this bunch.  I don't know if it is the wool or birds and flowers.  I really like it.

These would be great little gift ideas for next Christmas or for birthdays.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Years Inspiration

When I was growing up my grandmother had a quilt made with this pattern on one of the beds upstairs.  It was really heavy, which I loved because it was so cold up there in the winter.  Corn Wagon had this Frivols kit on sale the day I went in and so I bought it.  Isn't it a happy quilt.  It brings back fond memories of my grandparents.

I have this pattern now also.  I am hoping to have it made by next Christmas.

I love these quilts.  I now wish I had checked who had made these and who the patterns are from.  I am sure Corn Wagon Quilt Shop could tell any of you.

I am sure MaryAnn Michaels made this.  She does such beautiful work.

Isn't this acute pattern.  

I still want to make one of these Granny Square quilts.

Hopefully you are all inspired to make some beautiful warm quilts this winter.  While the snow is flying keep those hands warm, quilting.