Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Quilt Walk Show and Tell

These quilts were at the Quilt Walk Show and Tell.  We get to show off our own work at the show and tell.  I love seeing what everyone is making.  I don't know who was showing each of them but they are all beautiful.

This is my sister, Heather's.

I love show and tell.  I hope you do too.  All the ladies had wonderful quilts.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sun Bonnet Sue

Ardith Davis made this Sun Bonnet Sue quilt.  It is done in gingham with chicken scratch to decorate the dresses.

She blind tied this one with a stitch that was called crows feet.
This one is a really cute pattern.  She seems willing to share the pattern with those interested too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cathedral Windows

This is called the Cathedral Windows quilt.  It is done by hand and quilted as you go.  Ardith Davis from Panguitch came to our guild to show us how she made this block.

Ardith said that all of her 6 children want one of these quilts so she made them small ones that are framed.  She used fabric from her family's clothing to make them.

She is now making pillows for her grand children.

To make them you start with a 9inch square and fold it in half.  Then you sew up the short sides.

You then pull it open and meet the seams together.  Sew towards the center leaving a space in the center to turn it inside out.

You then fold the corners, meeting them in the center.  Then you have a smaller square.  It is now a bias square block.  You do that same thing to another one and whip stitch them together.  Laying your colored 2 1/2" square of colored fabric across the seam and roll the folded parts of the background over the edge of the small square.  You then stitch it down on three sides, going through all the layers.  This is what quilts it as you go.  On the third side you stuff it with a small bit of poly fill.  Then you rollover the back ground and stitch that down too.  Tack the corners together. She says it is best to do them in strips if you are making a larger quilt.

That may be a clear as mud but I am just going by what I can remember.  I haven't tried it yet.  I think it turns out really beautiful though.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

May Guild Show and Tell

Beverly made this gorgeous quilt.  Wow.

This is Shirley.  She made this seasons quilt.

You switch out the fronts of the quilts each season.

This is one of the twister quilts.  She has acorns on the corners.  It is perfect for fall.

Mary just learned how to long arm quilt.  This is one she just finished.  Good job.

What a pretty dresden plate.

Claudia is still working on the eagle quilts for the grand sons.  She said she got the panels from the Clover Patch in Santa Clara.  It was another great show and tell.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pat is our Mystery Quilter

Pat is our Guild President elect.  She is also our Mystery Quilter.  These are some of the quilts she has made over the years.

She calls this Sherbet because of the colors.

She has given a lot of her quilts away so she had to borrow them back to show us.

This sampler is beautiful.

This is beautiful.  Pat does fabulous work.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Still Quilting at 93

Berthene Griffin is quite the quilter.  She does all sorts of needle crafts.  She embroidered this quilt before she hand quilted it.  

This is some of her hand work.

This doily is going in the Cedar City LDS Temple when it is built.

Her son framed this one.

The Last Supper was great but you cannot see is well through the plastic.  Sorry.

The double Irish Chain is nice.  All of these quilts were hand quilted.

These quilts are all from a lady of 93 years.  You are never too old to quilt.

Look at the hand quilting.  This is a double wedding ring.  Nice.

This is a hanker-chief or bandana quilt.

This is the back of one.

This Drunkards Path is nice also.

This is a tied quilt.  I love the soft fluffy tied quilts.  Berthene came to our guild to show us her work. She is amazing.