Thursday, May 28, 2015

Helen's Scotty Dogs

Helen is quite proficient at appliqué.  These scotty dogs are really cute.  She made this quilt for her great grandson.

Debbie Neilsen in Mapleton, Utah, did the quilting on this quilt.

Look at the cute button.  She had a different one on each dog.

Helen just finished this.  It is a mile a minute pattern.  This is for her grand daughter.

This is a panel quilt Helen made for her grand son.

The quilting is so fun.  Debbie quilted fishing flies into it.  Helen is really turning out the quilts lately.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Nice Yarn Shop in Baltimore

I went looking for a quilt shop in Baltimore while I was there.  I couldn't find one.  I was only looking for one in Baltimore and not the surrounding areas because I was on my own with out a car at the time.  I went to two shops that according to the web, were quilt shops.  One I didn't even take photos because I was so disappointed the other was this little shop.  It is called That's the Point Needle Crafts.

 I thought they were very friendly there.  I had walked quite a ways and I sat down and visited for a while.  They are a new shop.  It was clean and bright.  They teach knitting classes and I am sure crochet also.  One lady had missed her class so the owner was letting her come when she could to learn what she had missed.
 They had all sorts of knitting and crocheting notions.  Cute stitch markers too.  I forgot to get a picture of the spinning wheel in the window.  I thought that was nice.  This shop does not teach spinning but they have all sorts of nice yarns and flosses.

 I did pick me up some lace yarn that will dye nicely.  I thought they had a nice selection for such a small store.

 Oh, I need to mention.  My friend said she has a hard time finding fingering yarn.  This shop carries it.  If you are in the area check them out.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Panguitch Sewing Night

This is one of Dianne's Daughter's.  Dianne was nice enough to show them to us before she gave them back to her.

This is another one of her quilts.  Isn't this so bright and beautiful.  It has a soft minky back.

This was crocheted by Trish.  She is fairly new to our group and we are enjoying getting to know her.  I love that our group is so welcoming and we get to know new people periodically.  

This is also Trish's.  She says it is a yarn eater.  You use a lot of yarn.  I think it will be warm when it is done.  She has a ways to go.

I think this was also Trish's.  Her grandmother made this.  She left Trish a bunch of blocks that she had started.  Trish is going to finish them.  Our Quilt Walk Retreat will be having a teacher teach this method.  If you are interested you will need to register right away.  That is the second weekend in June.  We also have a quilt show.  I hang the quilts so please don't forget to bring those too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ace Hardware in Cedar City

I am sure you don't think of a hardware store as the place to get fabric.  This store has a good selection.  They also have a rewards program.  One lady had bought enough fabric that she had quite the reward certificate.  I was impressed.

This is a darling pillow.  I may have shown you one of these before from guild.  It is cute.
This is a runner.

They had a few different aprons around the fabric area.

This is my brave girl that was shopping with me because she was waiting to get a spacer put in her mouth.  We had to kill some time before the appliance was ready.

Zoey loved the Olaf quilt.  This was tied with a chenille yarn.

That is a birthday table runner.

I really thought this star quilt was impressive.  It is beautiful.

This is a Quilt of Valor sample.  They had a good selection of this type of fabric.

I love Bertie's Year.  This is darling.  They have a great selection of those flannels that look warm like wool.

This is another of those long pillows but for Christmas.

This store does have a good selection.  I was able to get some 118 inch wide fabric for a back for 40% off.  I was really pleased.  It is nice not to have to piece backs.  I am sure I will have left overs too.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

April Quilt Guild

Our April guild meeting was fun.  My friend, LaRetta instructed us on how to make the Metro Rings blocks.  I really love this design and I want to make it.
She showed how each of the blocks go together and told us that they square up nicely.

She said that you cut your jelly roll strips in half then sew the strips together.  That way the strips don't get out of control.  You have to have the special ruler to make this block.

Pat has decided to make smaller quilts now that her kids are gone.  This log cabin quilt is really cute.

Tonya made her grand daughter a spirit quilt.  It is soft.   She appliquéd the blocks.

This is LaRetta showing us how to put the curved pieces together.  She says you don't use pins.

Carol is new to our group.  She says she is a bag lady.  She loves to make bags.  She showed us two cute bags she made.

She also showed us her partridge in a pear tree quilt.  Darling.

Debbie brought us a few quilts to see.  She made this and the next two.

I love the colors on this.  She said she used quite a large block to make this so she wouldn't have to do so many.  I think she quilted them too.

This is her son's mission quilt.  He went to Texas on his mission for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He got home over a year ago but she got it done.

Lyllian made this.  The colors are so calming.  I love it.

This pretty pinwheel quilt is also Lillian's.  

Look how cute this half square triangle quilt turned out.  It almost looks like diamonds.  It is so bright and cheery.  I love it.  Anyone in the Bryce Canyon area on the third Wednesday you are welcome to come to our guild.  We have a really good time.  Also the other Wednesdays we have open sew in Panguitch at 6:00.