Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ace Hardware in Cedar City

I am sure you don't think of a hardware store as the place to get fabric.  This store has a good selection.  They also have a rewards program.  One lady had bought enough fabric that she had quite the reward certificate.  I was impressed.

This is a darling pillow.  I may have shown you one of these before from guild.  It is cute.
This is a runner.

They had a few different aprons around the fabric area.

This is my brave girl that was shopping with me because she was waiting to get a spacer put in her mouth.  We had to kill some time before the appliance was ready.

Zoey loved the Olaf quilt.  This was tied with a chenille yarn.

That is a birthday table runner.

I really thought this star quilt was impressive.  It is beautiful.

This is a Quilt of Valor sample.  They had a good selection of this type of fabric.

I love Bertie's Year.  This is darling.  They have a great selection of those flannels that look warm like wool.

This is another of those long pillows but for Christmas.

This store does have a good selection.  I was able to get some 118 inch wide fabric for a back for 40% off.  I was really pleased.  It is nice not to have to piece backs.  I am sure I will have left overs too.

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