Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Tuffet

The Tuffet class was taught in Panguitch at the Quilt Walk.  It is a very desirable project and was clear full.  It took a couple of days of class and home work time.  The Tuffets turned out beautiful.
I have seen the tuffet classes offered at a few quilt shops and heard that it is a good idea to take the class.
This is Barbara Ostler, and she gave us instruction at the July Fair on how to make this.  She said the finishing kit is essential to make the tuffet.  You may need to find a shop to get into a class, if you want to make it.

These are a few of her quilts

She has some nice quilts.  I like her work.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Garfield County Fair Home Needle Arts

We had some nice needle art entries this year.  Berthed entered her doilies and her last supper and they were spectacular.  She does beautiful work.  It just goes to show you, you can still do things when you are in your 90's.  The welcome made out of wool is mine.

Berthene did the Last Supper and Helen did the cross stitch.

The aphagans were so nice, I loved looking at them.

That doily is really a baby shawl.  LaVee made it and I think it is darling.  She thinks it is too small.

Helen made the Raggedy Ann.  It is cute and brightens up her living room.  She also made the placematts below.

I wish I knew who everyone is that entered but I don't.  I love seeing what people are making though. I am trying to make our county more aware of this wonderful event that we have every year.  I love it and would hate to see the end of it.  Please support your local county fair.  They have those for us to show off our talents.  We all have them and it is nice to share them with others.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Carmen Gedes with Quilt Smart

These are some of the sample quilts that Carmen Gedes has done with the quilt smart method.  They are stunning quilts, and I really love the look of them.  The method makes all the corners match and the quilts look perfect.

One thing I have found with this method is that the quilts are quite a bit heavier. If it is a winter quilt maybe that is desirable but I don't always want the weight.

This is a  cute baby quilt.

My friend did a star with this method and loved it.  Her star quilt was to die for.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Winline Quilt Batting

Winline Quilt Batting comes to Panguitch each year.  They have some wonderful samples of the different types of batting that they sell.  They have a nice bamboo batt that has a soft drape, I like.  One sample was washed many times and was still good.

They are out of Ogden, Utah.  I do think you can get their products online directly with free shipping though.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

4H Exhibits

Our 4H seems to have gotten a boost of energy lately.  It is nice to see more than usual in this area.  I know that they have a regular program this year after school on Friday's this year.  That is for the 3rd grade kids and up.  I think I will take advantage of the planned activities they have going on.

It looks like they did some really fun things.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Showing animals at the Fair

This was the first time I have spent much time at the animal show at the fair.  These kids were mostly showing as 4H entries.  I was impressed with how much effort was put in showing these animals.  These kids learn how to show too.  The kid above was so cute.  When he was showing his sheep he, even at his young age would put his leg in front of the sheep to help control him.

This is my son's friend, Kyle.  He is showing his pig.

I was taking photos of all the Fair events but this is a small sample from the pigs and sheep.  There were lots of nice animals and darling children.