Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fabulous Fair

This is our Garfield County Fair, in Panguitch, Utah. It is a small fair but it is really fun.  My family looks forward to it all year.  My family enters quite a bit of stuff into our fair.  On the Wednesday the fair takes entries and my kids start their baking.  I was gone looking for some frames for my photos so the kids were baking alone at home.  My children are very capable when it comes to the kitchen, so I didn't worry.  It was a long day getting everyone's stuff entered and my house looked like a bomb hit.  When I was laying down to read to my girls I mentioned our messy house.  My seven year old daughter said, "Yes, but it was the best day ever."  It is very worth the mess to have the best day ever.  I won't even go into the snicker doodles for breakfast, brownies for lunch and cake for dinner.
The bottled fruits and vegetables looked great.  I rarely enter those because I would have to remember how long I processed and stuff like that.  I really need to be more organized and write it on the lid so it will be ready for the next year.

I believe that these were some of the 4H exhibits.  I was really impressed with these sweaters that someone made.  

The green ribbons mean 4H.  I haven't had much experience with the 4H but they have some really fun stuff.  My kids love Lagos.

Isn't this a nice skirt.  

This is Elaine Baldwin's "Gordy's Gang" table runner.  It is wool appliqué and it is darling.  I think she did a fabulous job on it.

My friend Helen Slack made these pot holders.  She is great at hand work.  She was whipping these out  using her scraps.  They are great.

My daughter Sophie got the Sweepstakes on her flowers.  They had a ball making these.  It was a little early in the morning but they pulled it off.

This is my daughter's flower arrangement.  She won the judge's choice and so she got the gardening gloves as her prize.  

This is pretty.  It reminds me of all the glass and broken dishes up in the hills near my home.  I think people just dumped their stuff up there in the hills long ago.

Our season here is really short, so the vegetables grown here are impressive.  Just when you think that your garden is going to grow it freezes.  I remember it freezing on the Fourth of July one year.  Some places in our county are better able to keep gardens but the distance to come to the fair is probably a bit far.

Aren't those little gardening gloves cute.  Nice peas, too.

This lovely young lady made a chess set out of polymer clay.  It is really cute.  If I recall right she made it for her sister's birthday gift.

The fair here pays for the ribbons you win.  They give $2 for a red ribbon, $4 for the blue, $20 for the purple sweepstakes.  The green judges choice ribbons get a prize like the jars, gloves, scissors or bowl.  My kids think it is the best.  They do really well.  The fair seems to be dwindling in support.  I think that people don't put the time into those wonderful arts and crafts that we all love, like they use to.  

Who ever made these cookies won the bowl underneath.  My son won a bowl like that one year.

This is my daughters Painting.  She is so creative.

My son Wylee made this basket from air drying clay and some wire he found in the garage.

I got the sweepstakes for my pins that I made.  I loved making them and enjoyed making them with my kids.  My kids also entered theirs.

My daughter also made this woven hot pad.  

My five year old decorated this cake.  She and her older sister, who is seven made the cakes.

My son, Wylee decorated this one.

There wasn't many cross stitch in our fair but these were cute.

Winning jars is great because it seems that we give away some every year and we need to replace them.    I need to make sure that I am ready next year with my bottled fruits and vegetables.

Those that entered baked goods got yeast to go along with their prize money.  Wylee made these snicker doodles.  They turned out well but the ones he didn't turned in he was creative with.  He put a candy on the top and they melted in.  I didn't try them but he said they were gross.

I gave a bag of scraps to my girls to sew with.  Zoey made this dress.  She loves to sew and cut.  She prefers to do it by hand even though she has a machine.

I am really interested in making some knitted socks.  I think these are amazing.  

This is all the clothing that was entered besides the 4H exhibits.

When you look at all these entries and see for a county as large as ours, the fair is so small.  I am hoping that we never lose our fair due to lack of participation.  The Fair Committee does a wonderful job in having all sorts of activities.  Like I say my family looks forward to it all year.  They make stuff saying, "I'm going to put this in the fair."  I will post some of the activities, the quilts and fine arts in later posts.