Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Postage Stamp Quilt Class

Carmen Geddes Postage Stamp Quilt Class

Carmen showed us her method of making these postage stamp quilts.  They can be made from any size squares really but she has foundation that you get to match the size of squares you want to make.  She had the Quilt Smart and her own kind.  I can't remember what her brand was called but I am sure you can look her up and find out.

She said that she uses glue stick to first hold down the squares to the foundation.  Then she irons it in place.  The foundation is fusible.  She then folds each row and sews down the entire row.  She clips on the lines at each intersection and then folds over the next row and sews all the way down.  Is that clear as mud?  I am sure the instructions are better.

This one used bigger squares.

For a big quilt you have to make it in sections.  This is showing you the sections, then you sew the next panel together.

This one is beautiful.  I love it.  She did this one in sections too.

The boarder was made in this method.  It is perfect.

My hesitation with this is that the foundation adds another layer in my quilt.  If I decided to hand quilt it, it would be that much harder.  I also didn't want to spend the extra on a layer that is not seen.  It was going to add another about $75 to my quilt.  Quilting is expensive as it is and I need to really think about if it is really worth the expense, to me. My friend Becky loves the product and her quilts are beautiful.  She loves the product.  If you look at the Quilt Walk pictures she has a lone star in blue that she used this method.  I love her quilt.

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