Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quilt Show and Auction for the July Fair

Auction and Quilt Show

This is spectacular.  I love this quilt.  I really think that Francine Berrett made this.  She does lovely appliqué.  These first quilts are the ones that are just on display.

This looks like a bunch of 2 1/2" strips or a jelly roll sewn together.  The applique make this a wonderful quilt.  It is beautiful.

It is hard to see the beautiful embroidery on this quilt but it is really nice.

A fabulous fall quilt.

This is really using up your scraps.

The Auction
I think that these start the auction quilts.  I don't know who donated them but the proceeds go to the guild, I think.  They have speakers come and that helps them with their budget.

Angels among us.

My sister, Heather really likes this quilt.  I like it too.

This first apron is made form the selvages of the fabric.  The second one has pockets from an old quilt.

I think they call this a water color quilt.  Someone went to an awful lot of work to do this one, I think.

I think that these were made from wool.  

I am amazed at all the people willing to donate and share their talents with others.  The ladies that so generously gave are so kind.  I didn't stay for the auction because I wanted to have lunch.  It was fun to see the tail end of it though.  I enjoy a good auction.

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