Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Old World Photo Shoot

Old World Photo Shoot

This photo shoot was done at the State Hospital in Provo, Utah.  They have an amphitheater made out of stone that is beautiful.  It really lends itself to the feel of our shoot.  My mother made a bunch of costumes to create the look that we wanted.  I love the art work of William Adolphe Bouguereau.  That is the sort of feeling I wanted from this setting.  We used family members for our models.  It seems that they are well practiced in the way we want them to pose.  
This is Zoey, my daughter.  

These were taken in the fall.  The fallen brown leaves look great in the photos.

Giving Sophie a needle and thread gets her engaged in her project and lessens her focus on me, the photographer.  Her eyes may seem a bit puffy because she was crying. 

Sophie poked her thumb.

This is my third son, Wylee.  You put a puffy shirt on him, with a hat and vest and he is good to go for the shoot.  The rock wall was great too.

I love how her legs are positioned here.  I think that the little basket adds too.

This is a bird from the craft store.  You can hardly tell in the photos.

Sophie has a ball of yarn that I spun.  She also has a hook to play with but she is just poking it down in the ball.  

This is Sophie.  I got the sweep stakes ribbon in our fair.  I would have guessed the top photo of Zoey would have won.  I love both photos but you never know what someone will pick.  I have both pictures up in their room.

Mary, my niece, sewing.

Mary and Genevieve are so cute.  Mary is sewing to distract her from the photographers.  There was a lot of stuff going on in front of them on the lawn.  They were watching the other kids dancing and playing on the lawn.

Samantha and her daughter, Juliet are in this photo.  The colors are gorgeous.  Samantha is a little soft here but I still love the picture.

This photo I antiqued and I love the effect.  It almost looks sepia toned but still has color.

This is Cassie and Dagny.

This is my niece and her children.  You may not always notice when you are setting up your scene the way the feet are positioned.  In the photo before his feet are not as artistically placed.  I tend to take a lot of pictures so those little things that make me like my photos more happen naturally.

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