Thursday, August 21, 2014

Springville Art Museum Quilt Exhibit 2013

I was going through some of my pictures and found these of the exhibit that was in the Springville Art Museum.  This is in Springville, Utah.  I don't remember who made the quilts but they are beautiful.  I think that these were during the Utah Valley Quilt Guild July Fair.  This is a fabulous museum with some beautiful art work.   I think they do a quilt show every year.  I have been unable to go this year though.

I love this quilt, it reminds me of the wonderful ladies that have influenced me so much.

 I always love the log cabin quilts.

 Now that is what I call using up your scraps.

 The fall colors of this quilt is so warm.  The vine is beautiful.

 This is close up of the first quilt.

 I think this was appliquéd.  It is so fun.  The blocks were fussy cut.

 Have you ever seen that paper that you scratch off the black crayon and it has the rainbow colors underneath.  That is exactly the look that this quilt has for me.  This is beautiful. 

 This is a Book Of Mormon Quilt.  It has blocks representing different parts of the Book of Mormon.  

 These little quilts are fun.  A couple of them look antique.

 Adam and Eve, I  am impressed.

 This is another log cabin quilt.  The variety is amazing.

 This was part of the merchants mall.  I have no idea who they belong to.  It was too long ago.

 This quilt is amazing.  I love whole cloth quilts.  

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