Thursday, June 30, 2016

Modern Quilt Inspiration

I was in a restroom at a gas station while traveling to my family reunion and looked at the wall tile.  This looks like it could be a cute pattern for a modern quilt.  I like it.    This would be a simple pattern to make too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Josephine Keasler's Trunk Show

Josephine Keasler was one of our trunk shows at the Quilt Walk.  She was fabulous.  She really has some beautiful quilts, and she is entertaining too.  If your guild can get her to come I know you will enjoy her and her quilts.  She really got into quilting after she retired and she has made a lot since then.  She came from California but I think she lives in Utah now but please don't quote me on that because I could be wrong.  I hope you enjoy the her quilts.

This is Josephine.

She said she loves animal print and sparkles.

She said she loves to take classes and learn different techniques.

This is beautiful.  Just look at the appliqué.

I love when colors are divided like this in a color wheel.

This is an amazing quilt, I think my husband would love this.

This quilt has embroidered girls on it.  My camera didn't pick up the sparkles.

This is the front and back.  The quilting was pretty too if you could tell.  

This was done to represent the 45's she loved.  If you don't remember 45's are music records.  Like a CD.

She said that this quilt everyone thinks is goes with the flowers growing up but it really goes the other way with them falling down.

This is like a stained glass window.

Both sides of this quilt are exquisite.

These are table runners and placemats.

Wow.  We will call this the grand finale.  This is beautiful.