Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Fall Block

This is the block I am working on for a round robin I am participating in.  It is for our guild.  This is the design I drew up.  It has some focus fabrics that you have to use.  I used the yellow for my corn, green for the stems and purple for the base of the grapes.  I have to make 23 blocks so I need to really get going on it.

I will see how much time I have if I will do the vines and words.  I like it with out too.  I need to dye more orange for the pumpkins and green for the leaves but I have it almost all cut out.  I am not quite done stitching on my sample one.  I do like how it is coming together though.
I am going to be going to Baltimore in May.  Does any one recommend any quilt shops or museums? I would think that there should be a great place to see baltimore album quilts.  If any of you have suggestions please let me know.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dianne's Quilts

Dianne was showing us her latest quilt tops.  She retired and never slowed down.  She is quilting up a storm.
Isn't this beautiful.  I love it.

Dianne said she has been making these quilts from left over scraps.

She said she loves making this quilt.  It is so easy and whips up fast.

This is Jan's quilt.  She took this class from Claudia this year.  She is doing well getting it done.  She has the blog  Check out what she is up to when you get a chance.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter Ride 2015

I would like you all to meet most of my family.  From left to right there is Sophie, Eric is my husband, Jacob, Zoey, and Wylee.  Of course I am not in the picture because I was taking it and my oldest son, Cameron is not in the picture.  He is on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Peru.  He comes home the 28th of this month.  We are so excited.
 We went to Colorado for Easter to be with family that we don't see most of the time.  We try to make it each year to the Easter Ride.  The girls were having an egg hunt and Wylee was playing with the ball.

 These are two of my husband's aunts.  They are a couple of wonderful ladies.  On the left is his Aunt Barbara.  She has the ranch that we go to for the B-B-Q and ride.  His Aunt Claudette is on the right.  She is so good at keeping in touch with everyone.  I just love both of these ladies.

We go on a scavenger hunt to find the treasure.  It is a load of fun.  Since we no longer have horses it is a great time for my kids to ride.

Barbara has the first clue in her hand.  She makes up the scavenger hunt and keeps the clues in pill bottles.  That way the papers don't blow away or get wet.  She also has them numbered.  She hides them the night before all over Mack.

 Our group was smaller this year but it was still fun.  I guess with a smaller group we have fewer problems with horses that don't get along.  We go through Mack, Colorado.  That is where Barbara's ranch is.

 This is my middle child, Wylee.  I antiqued this photo.  I think it looks like one of the pictures from that old picture book, Billy and Blaze.  I used to love those books.

Cindy is in the front.  She does trail rides and brings horses to match the abilities of the riders. 
 Here is my husband and youngest.

 Just the smile on Zoey's face makes this whole ride priceless.

Eric's cousin Dionne and her boyfriend are also great to help with the horses.  I don't think it would go as well with out them.  Other family and friends help too and are also vital to the whole get together.  So many do so much but the best part is being together.

 The group is heading back toward the ranch now.  My son drove me around so I could take photos.  I like taking pictures more than I like riding horses.  I can enjoy my pictures year round.

 Zoey was the lucky one to get to go get the treasure.  That can if full of eggs, chocolate, candy, and treats.  Then it is dumped into a huge bowl and everyone gets to eat what they like.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fruita, Colorado Thrift Shop

I was in Fruita, Colorado over the Easter Weekend and found this little thrift shop near the City Market.  I am in no need of wool at the moment but decided to check out the prices and selection of wool.  I like going to thrift shops when I am on vacation to see what they each have to offer.  I was really pleased to find these wool items for great prices.  I got all this for less than 10.50.  That is a skirt, two pair of pants, three jackets and some kids gloves.  I haven't seen prices this low in a while so I picked up some to add to my stash.

When you look for wool it is best to find 100% wool.  I have been looking for light colors to dye and I was lucky this day.
The pants have moth holes in them but that doesn't bother me, especially for 1.00.  When you bring the wool items home, be sure you wash them right away to get any bug eggs washed out.  You would not want to have a moth problem eating away your wool.

The grey has a herring bone pattern, the tan jacket has a longer pile that makes me think it is another camel hair jacket.  I used the last camel hair jacket to make a green grass color and it was beautiful.  The skirt has 2% lycra in it so I need to see how it felts up.  I have not used this combination before so we will see how it turns out.  The black pants and jacket are great darks but the cream pants will be fabulous to dye.  I just wish it had a pattern.  The patterned light colors are hard for me to find.  Can you believe all this for just over 10 dollars.  That was a fabulous deal.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

March Quilt Guild Show and Tell

Our March Quilt Guild show and tell was great.  I think show and tell is the best.
This is Keela's quilt.  It is stunning.  She does lovely work.

Crystals quilts are always beautiful.

Jerilu made this car seat cover for her grandson.

Shauna made this apron and the jelly roll race quilt below.  I really loved the stripes on the sides to break up the horizontal stripes.

Shauna was practicing her quilting here with variegated thread.  You can't see the beauty of it in my picture but it is really nice.

We have a new person in our guild and I can't remember her name.  I should have written this sooner.  Anyway she made this cute quilt top.  It will be fun to see it completed.

This is what I love.  Keela made this table topper.

This is bright and cheery.  It is very cute.

Crystal made this mini.  Darling for spring.

Crystal is completing her set of pillows.  I am sure she has one for each season and holiday.  She is amazing.

This quilt is one she learned how to make at the Ruby's Inn retreat.  I think that Amy from American Quilting taught this.

This was made for a grandson.  It is made of denim.  Nice job.

I think this is Kathryn's quilt.  She was using up her stash and didn't it turn out well?

This is Nellie's table runner.   Beautiful.

This was also a scrap quilt.  I can't remember who's it was.  Anyway she said she really enjoyed making it.  Show and tell is great.  You get to see what everyone is working on and be truly inspired.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

March Quilt Guild Lareesa Baldwin

Lareesa Baldwin from Beaver, Utah came and talked to us in our guild meeting.  She does loads of machine quilting along with her husband.  They also sell Riley Blake fabrics for 6.00 a yard out of their shop.  She has done a lot of the quilting for the ladies here in Panguitch and from our guild.  This first quilt is Crystal's.  Lareesa quilted it for Crystal.  It is truly amazing.
This quilt won the peoples choice for our Quilt Walk Festival.  By the way if you are interested in coming to any of the classes during the Quilt Walk, you will need to sign up soon.  The classes are filling up fast and some are even closed.  The site is  It is the second weekend in June.

Lareesa has quilted for a friend of hers for years and she was kind enough to let her show some of her quilts.  I don't remember which ones were Lareesa's or her friends.  Lareesa did all the quilting though.  

This is our wonderful Bev holding this fun Thanksgiving quilt.

Laressa got these blocks from a garage sale and they were hand stitched.  She sewed them together to make this beautiful quilt.

This yo-yo quilt was made by her daughter.  I love it.  These quilts are so delicate.

She said that this quilt is one you can make in an afternoon.  The buttons are really nice.

This is a poor photo of Lareesa but this is her.  

This Chicken Run was adorable.

Darling Christmas runner.

This is a jelly roll race quilt.  It turned out cute.

This is a scrap quilt that Lareesa said was really fun to make and very easy.  

Really, we enjoyed Lareesa's visit.  If you need to have something quilted she does a great job at a reasonable price.  She lives in Beaver, Utah so give her a call.