Thursday, April 9, 2015

March Quilt Guild Mystery Quilter

Each month we have a mystery quilter.  It is a surprise who is chosen.  One of our guild members is then spot lighted with information about them.  We then try to guess who this person could be.  This month it was our Fabulous, Becky Yard!  These are some of the quilts she has made.
I love this one and probably because of the old fashioned look but it is one of my favorite quilts that Becky has made.

Now this is Dianne not Becky.  She was helping us hold the quilts.  She is great too but the quilts are Becky's.

This is a kaleidoscope quilt.  

Becky's boot quilt is cute.  This one may be at her shop too.

I love this pattern too.

This quilt reminds me of Becky just because of the color.  

I think Becky gave this quilt to her daughter.  I think it was called log cabin hearts.

The fall leaves are so nice in this quilt.  They are beautiful.

This is Becky with her cowboy quilt.  I think it is for sale in her shop, if you are interested.  I know she has great prices.  Check out her shop online @

This is one of Becky's favorites.  She really did a great job on this one and I think it is great.  Becky is such a wonderful person.  If you are ever in Panguitch, stop in and say hi to her at Cowboy Collectibles.  She is one of the most friendly people you will ever meet and she is great at making quilts.

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