Tuesday, April 7, 2015

American Quilting

American Quilting is located in North Orem.  They have very nice fabrics and patterns.  They have some wool too.  They came to the Ruby's retreat as a vendor but this is from the shop.  They have some really cute quilts.

This is  a quilt that you make centers for and rotate them for each Holiday.  The other centers are further down in this blog.  I think the owner of the shop made this pattern.  The pattern company is Under The Garden Moon.
I love the quilting.

The sale boats are fun.

This is a cute pattern.  I wonder how hard it is to make.

This one would be simple.

I think the scallops appeal to me the most.

This could bug the eyes.  I do like the colors though.

Wow.  I think this is amazing.

This really appeals to me.  I would love to make one of these with scraps.  

This is a nice quilt.  

This is one of my favorite patterns.

This is an embellishment class.  They have all sorts of classes and if you sign up you will get a coupon for the store once a month.  Even though I live far away I signed up just in case I was in Orem some time and needed something.

I would be apart of this club if I lived anywhere near a shop that was doing the Whatnots Club.  Kim Diehl made these little mini quilt patterns for this club and they are over the top cute.  I love the quilts.

I think the top quilt is one of Norma Whaley's quilt designs.

These next few photos are of the centers to that first quilt.  These are to be in the center for each holiday.  It is a darling way to decorate for each month.

This is a happy quilt.

These are in the class room.  I don't know what they were working on.

Here are some more of the centers to that monthly quilt.

Bertie's winter is a fun pattern.  I like all the Bertie patterns.

This pattern is one that I enjoy.  I even like the panel.

The wonky log cabin is nice.

They have all sorts of little wool ornaments you can make.

This shop is one of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy the tour of their quilts.  They are a great place to find nice fabrics and wools.  They have a great selection of patterns and notions.  They also do long arm quilting there too.  Check them out.  http://american-quilting.com.

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