Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Heather's Quilt Inspiration

This quilt pattern is called Mary-go-round.  It is one of my favorites.
Now that Christmas is over I am sure you are looking for a new project.  I thought that some of Heather's quilts would provide that inspiration you are looking for.
This is one of Kim Diehl's patterns called Bitter Sweet.

Norma Whaley is the designer of this quilt.  It is called At Home in the Garden.

If I remember correctly this is a quilt from Modern Baby.  I am not positive on that though.

Heather was using up scraps for these doll quilts.

I think this is from Under the Garden Moon.  I know they have the Pattern at American Quilting in Orem, Utah.
This is Cold Days by Linda Hall.

This beautiful quilt is done with coloring book pages.  I have seen these coloring book pages on pintrest.  Heather did all the embroidery.  It is so cute.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Nancy's Breads

Nancy Weller
This is my good friend Nancy Weller.  We have been friends for about 18 years.  I think she is one of the most generous people I know.  She was able to go to a bread making course in San Francisco.  I was so envious.  She is a wonderful cook and baker but now she is even better.  Her skills are amazing.  She is an instructor at the MATC at Thanksgiving Point in Utah County.  She is a great teacher.  I just wanted to show off her skills.
Her breads are works of art.
If you haven't seen her candy dough, check it out. http://www.nancylandcandy.com

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nancyland Candy

My good friend Nancy Weller came up with a wonderful edible dough.  It tastes great and is fun to play with.  She makes it with all natural ingredients that are allergen free.  It is gluten free too.  Her company is http://www.nancylandcandy.com.
This is one of her displays.  They are made from the dough she has created.
The dough comes in different flavors and colors.  It is easy to work with and tastes better than fondant.

Nancy is a culinary instructor at the MATC in Utah County. She has been featured in the Utah Valley Magazine.    She has always been a fabulous cook. I was not surprised when she came up with this dough.  I have long admired her creativity.  She says that lately she is selling more tubs of the dough than anything to cake decorators.  It tastes great and has such vibrant colors that she has many return customers.  The dough is mold able or you can sculpt your own creation.  I don't have the photo but one time she made a Cat in the Hat cake.  It was beautiful.

 This strawberry is molded.

You really ought to try some, I know you will love it.  It is hard to stop eating it once you start.  Your kids will love it too.  Mine do.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Visiting Heather

I went to visit my sister Heather and she was willing to show you some of the beautiful quilts she has made.  Here are a few.
This one Heather liked the fabric so much, she just wanted to show case the fabric.  Then she put the extra on the back.

Then she made a doll blanket too.  What a nice way to use up the little pieces of fabric you have left over.

This one is really nice.  I think she whipped this one without a pattern.

This is a soft tied baby quilt.  I love how cuddly this sort of quilt is.  My family loves to drag this type of quilt around.  This has minky or cuddle on the back.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Retreat

The first Saturday in December we had an all day work on your project day. Everyone brought their own projects and we got quite a bit done.  I finished a gift that I can't post yet, because of Christmas and fixed a shirt. I also got quite a bit done on another gift. Here are some of the projects that were worked on or shown.
This is a pillow sham that Randy made for her Grandson.

This is a quilt that she quilted for a grandchild.  It is a whole cloth quilt.

Joan finished this baby quilt.  It is cross stitched.  I think it turned out darling.

I am sure the person I am going to give this to won't see the post before Christmas.  This is Gourdy's Gang.  My sister does Halloween big and so I am adding to her Halloween decorations.  I am almost done with the top.  I just need to do the tongues and backing, and a few things on the front.  

There were others that I just forgot to take a photo of.  Tabatha has fabulous crochet.  Check out her face book page at tabbys hat box.  She does beautiful work.  Recently she had a "give away" of a darling baby hat and mitten set.  We had some that just popped in for a visit too.  What a fun day.  We were there from 9:00 until 6:30.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


This tree skirt is an Under the Garden Moon Design.  My sister Heather did most of the work and one Christmas I asked her if she had any unfinished projects she wanted me to finish for her, for her gift.  She had put it aside so I finished it for her.  It turned out really well.  Now I need to make one for my own tree.

I added beads to give the sections some bling.  I also quilted it myself on my Bernina.  I am a beginner on machine quilting but I was pleased with what I was able to do.  I think it is so cute I would recommend the pattern to anyone.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dave's Bernina in Provo

These are photos of the quilt samples they have in Dave's Bernina.

I was in the area of Dave's Bernina on Center Street in Provo and decided to stop in.  I have a Bernina and love it.  I wanted to see what is new there also.  They do a lot with the embroidery machines.  My friend LaRetta has a couple of them and she uses every feature.  She loves the classes and really gathers  loads of information from the people who work there.  She mostly associates with the ones in St. George because it is closer.

I took these pictures up close of the blocks of a table runner.  They are just red and green blocks but they are quilted with the embroidery machine.  Isn't that darling?
I really wanted to show that quilting off.

These pin keeps are pretty.  I would love to own one of these.

There is a whole quilt out of flowers and this is just one block.  It is beautiful.

I was really impressed with this family tree.  I thought it was cross stitch until I got up close.

This looks like a kaleidoscope quilt.  I love it.

This is a new way to make a denim quilt.  Cut out a star in the center and place it over another piece of fabric.

This one was exquisite.  Really beautiful.

This runner was fun.

This reminds me of Dr. Who.  It is made with the embroidery machine.

The machine makes all these houses.  I do not own one so you will have to go to the store for details.

Just in time for Christmas is the gingerbread house.  I am quite impressed.  They also have a new long arm quilter.  I would love that but will continue to pay others to do my quilting for me.  Check them out and see if you would like one of their machines.  I do love mine.