Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Retreat

The first Saturday in December we had an all day work on your project day. Everyone brought their own projects and we got quite a bit done.  I finished a gift that I can't post yet, because of Christmas and fixed a shirt. I also got quite a bit done on another gift. Here are some of the projects that were worked on or shown.
This is a pillow sham that Randy made for her Grandson.

This is a quilt that she quilted for a grandchild.  It is a whole cloth quilt.

Joan finished this baby quilt.  It is cross stitched.  I think it turned out darling.

I am sure the person I am going to give this to won't see the post before Christmas.  This is Gourdy's Gang.  My sister does Halloween big and so I am adding to her Halloween decorations.  I am almost done with the top.  I just need to do the tongues and backing, and a few things on the front.  

There were others that I just forgot to take a photo of.  Tabatha has fabulous crochet.  Check out her face book page at tabbys hat box.  She does beautiful work.  Recently she had a "give away" of a darling baby hat and mitten set.  We had some that just popped in for a visit too.  What a fun day.  We were there from 9:00 until 6:30.

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