Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dave's Bernina in Provo

These are photos of the quilt samples they have in Dave's Bernina.

I was in the area of Dave's Bernina on Center Street in Provo and decided to stop in.  I have a Bernina and love it.  I wanted to see what is new there also.  They do a lot with the embroidery machines.  My friend LaRetta has a couple of them and she uses every feature.  She loves the classes and really gathers  loads of information from the people who work there.  She mostly associates with the ones in St. George because it is closer.

I took these pictures up close of the blocks of a table runner.  They are just red and green blocks but they are quilted with the embroidery machine.  Isn't that darling?
I really wanted to show that quilting off.

These pin keeps are pretty.  I would love to own one of these.

There is a whole quilt out of flowers and this is just one block.  It is beautiful.

I was really impressed with this family tree.  I thought it was cross stitch until I got up close.

This looks like a kaleidoscope quilt.  I love it.

This is a new way to make a denim quilt.  Cut out a star in the center and place it over another piece of fabric.

This one was exquisite.  Really beautiful.

This runner was fun.

This reminds me of Dr. Who.  It is made with the embroidery machine.

The machine makes all these houses.  I do not own one so you will have to go to the store for details.

Just in time for Christmas is the gingerbread house.  I am quite impressed.  They also have a new long arm quilter.  I would love that but will continue to pay others to do my quilting for me.  Check them out and see if you would like one of their machines.  I do love mine.

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