Thursday, December 4, 2014

Heindselmans In Provo

I was in Provo over the Thanksgiving weekend and stopped in Heindselmans.  It is the oldest yarn shop in the United States.  This is the shop where I learned to spin wool into yarn.  They have all sorts of yarn and the people who work there are more than willing to help you with your projects.  

Isn't this pumpkin cute?

I thought the sweater was darling.  I had just started learning to knit when I moved over three hours away from this fabulous place.  I have great friends to help me now but haven't made the time to pick it up again.

This looks woven.  It is beautiful.

This hat really caught my eye.

I love this sort of patten in sweaters.  I have been looking at buying a wool sweater because I am not ready to tackle one on my own.  I have been looking at the Aran sweaters and they are beautiful too.  I don't know when I will really get up the nerve to make one.  I especially love the ones with cables.

This looks like a quilt.

They also have needle work and cross stitch patterns and supplies.  If it is used for fiber they will have it or know where to get it.

Love it.

This is so adorable.

Knowing my friends and their talents, I am pretty sure LaVee could make this.  I love to see the beautiful things people make with the wonderful fibers.  I think this store is a great place to start if any one is looking to start a new hobby.  They are very helpful and a lot of times you will see them working on their project while they help customers along with their own projects. 

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