Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright taught one of the lectures that I attended at the winter retreat at Ruby's Inn.  She does beautiful work and I greatly admire her work.  She has made some beautiful quilts.  She also brings homemade carmels to class.  I have been to several of her lectures and I am never disappointed.  I enjoy listening to her and she has some wonderful tips.  This first photo is one I am very impressed with.  She printed the words she wanted from her computer, then she traced them onto the fabric.  At that point she stitched with her sewing machine the outline of the words.  Now this is the best part.  Then she took a Pigma Pen and filled in the letters.  It looks like stitching but with out the embroidery machine.  I love this technique.

This is the back of the one below.  It is very scrappy.  Isn't that a fun way to use your fabric on the back.

This quilt is the perfect spring quilt.  I am so looking forward to spring.  I love the appliqué too.

This was some fabric painting if I remember correctly.

This is one that was done for a church theme.  It is the sacred grove.

This one is the back for the one below.  It is busy.  She was able to use some orphan blocks, or at least some she had put aside from another project to make this quilt.

This is her husband looking out the bathroom window.  

Can you believe all those yo-yos.  She actually took a quilt that she had purchased and added the yo-yos to make this quilt.

This is one of the collage quilts.

Her applique is amazing.

I have admired her wool work for a while.  She had done a mantal scarf years ago that I still remember that I love.  Wow she does great work.

This is a quilt done out of silk.

Last of all she had a block exchange and the theme was gingerbread men.  They are adorable, what a fun idea.  If you have a chance to go to one of Sharon's classes or lectures, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

March guild

Guild is always fun.  It was a small group this time but it was still fun.  This first quilt is Sandy's creation.  You wuld never even think that this next quilt is from the same patterns.  They are both beautiful and look so different.

Sandy made this thread catcher and showed us how to start the thread catcher we will be making next time.  She showed it but she was too fast for me.  

Roxanna made these two quilts and quilted them too.  I am so impressed with what she has been doing.  Her quilting is looking great too.

Becky made this iphone holder.  Isn't her dog cute too?  She also made a bigger one for her husbands iPad.

These next blocks are the blocks for the block of the month.  The block name is the monkey wrench and sometimes the snails trail and the churn dash get added to the monkey wrench.  You can make any of these for your quilt.

We missed a lot of you.  Hope you are all doing well and we hope to see more of you next time.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Loving Ideas

These are some of the displays that we had last month at guild.  I thought you may enjoy the cute loving ideas.

I am sorry to say that I no longer remember who made each of these but they are fun to look at anyway.

This is one of the bench pillows that seem to be popular here.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nancy's Farm Blanket

My friend crocheted this farm blanket.  She made it using granny squares.  She grew up on a farm in Idaho.  I am sure it reminds her of home.  What a cute blanket.  She is a fabulous friend that I treasure.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Village Dry Goods

I love when this shop comes down to Ruby's.  I am attracted to the things this shop offers.  This little mini quilt was so fun.  I could not resist purchasing these buttons.  Those little squares were really little.  The quilting on it was fun too.

One day I am going to go to this shop.  It is in Brigham City, in Northern Utah.  They have the nicest ladies and cute quilts.

This tuffet pincushion has little spool feet.

This table runner above is larger than the pattern that I have but not as long.  It is cute with the trees and snow balls.  Maybe it is a totally different pattern.  The one I used is called Cold Days.  I made it several times for gifts.

I love the scrappy look of these quilts.

They had these little cute table toppers.  I don't know what they call these but they were cute.

My sister made one similar to this nativity.  It is cute though.

These are little wool pincushions.  They sell the patterns for these.  I think they are Buttermilk Basin patterns.  I could  be wrong though.  She does have cute patterns though.

I hope you enjoyed Village Dry Goods.  One day I will be up their way.  I love what they bring every year and hope they never stop coming.