Saturday, August 29, 2015

Horse Fun Day

Our Fair has a horse fun day where anyone can participate in fun horse activities.  We had everything from barrel racing, poles, flags, key hole, to sweet heart race and a sort of sled race.

Is what makes this really fun is that everyone is welcome and all skill levels are included.

Dad's running the kids so they can participate to Dad's racing too.

This boy, it was his first time on a horse.  How can you beat that?  The people with horses are very welcoming and share so all that want a chance can participate.  I love photographing the event and I have a load of great pictures, this is a sample.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Fall Round Robin

These are the blocks our guild made for our round robin.  It turned out cute even though we just got the blocks and haven't put them together.  Everyone did a great job and all were nice blocks.  One of the blocks was missing in this photo and we each need to make a couple of filler blocks.

This one is Shauna's block.

Dianne did this one.

Jerilu made this one.  Notice the asparagus, pears, peppers and jellies.  

Linda is the artist of this cute scare crow.

Bev made this fun churn dash.

Keela made the darling pumpkins.

Crystal designed this pumpkin.  

Lana made the truck hauling apples.

Lillian made the multi colored sunflowers.

Jan made darling owls.

Becky made these beautiful fall leaves.

LaRetta made the cute bee hives.

Randi designed this apple basket.

I made the fall fruits and veggies.

Roxanna made the school house.

This is Debbie's cute creation.

Reah created the owl in the moon.

Pat put together the pieced corn.

Tanya made the turkey.

Gwen designed this cute pumpkin.

Sheree made the apple wagon.

Sandy designed the give thanks block.

Claudia created the school house.  There is a bell to go in the tower too.

All in all, I am pleased with the work our guild put forth.  I am glad I did this project.  I have decided my block sticks out because it is out of wool.  I think I will learn how to do the applique that most every one else did and make a new one for my quilt.  I will make a pillow to go with the quilt out of my original block.  That was fun though.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pink Hippo

I had never heard of Pink Hippo Quilts before.  Pink Hippo was one of the vendors at the Utah Valley Quilt Guild's July Fair.  I thought they had some cute quilts.

This quilt is happy. 

Fall quilts are nice.  This one is really pretty.  I love the star that you can't really see in this picture.

The circles on this quilt look great.  I think they make a flower.  

These pin wheels are 3D.

This boarder is so cute.  I think I would like to make that one day.

Check out Pink Hippo Quilts at  They have patterns, kits, and even a retreat.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our Panguitch Pioneer Trek

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Our Panguitch ward recreated a pioneer trek in our Panguitch mountains.  Mormon Pioneers crossed the plains while our church was fleeing persecution.  We love our pioneer heritage and our Bishop thought this trek would bring spiritual growth for the youth in our ward.  I think the goal was met not only for the youth but for everyone that went.  We had about 75 people go on this three day trek.  I thought that this trek was wonderful.    The kids did really well.  I was impressed that these kids were able to pull and push the carts for about 22 miles.

This is Tim, He was bringing the mail.  The parents had written letters to each of the children.  I love this photo.  That horse is full of expression too.

My job was the official photographer.  I loved taking the pictures.  Besides the sunglasses and backpacks I think they look like pioneers.