Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pine Needles Stitcheries

Pine Needles in West Jordan, Utah not only has fabulous fabrics and quilt patterns but also stitcherie patterns.  Here are some of the ones that they offer.

I used to sing You Are My Sunshine to my adopted son.  He remembers me singing it to him when he was so sad.  Maybe I should make one of these.

I love this.  When I have grand kids I hope they will love coming to Grandma's.

I was talking to someone that just loved this sort of embroidery.  She called it something that I can't remember.

This is the Salt Lake LDS Temple.  Very Cute.

They have all sorts of LDS themed stitcheries.  This is one of the children's songs that we sing.  I love the birds.

This has the family names on the tree and buttons for the fruit.

This is really cute.

This is a great wedding gift, though it sometimes feels like the home made gifts are unappreciated by some people.  Most people don't know how much work has gone into these things.

Bee hives are cute and remind me of hard work.  I love it.

I hope these inspire you to stitch some more.  Pine Needles Shop is one you won't want to miss.

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