Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Block of the month and Book Covers

Rhea made these darling little books.  She embroidered on each of them.  It is made of paper that looks like leather.

This is our last block of the month for this year.  I hope your quilt is coming along.

It has been a great year.  Thank You Rhea for all of your hard work and thank you to all who helped.  We look forward to a new year.  I will try to get the show and tell photos up soon.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Jerilu, Dianne, and Lana's Quilts

This month has flown by.  Sorry I haven't kept up.  These pictures are from last month's guild.  Jerilu, Dianne, and Lana did a trunk show for our guild.  They are good friends and I think they are all fabulous.  They make beautiful quilts.  This top one is one of Lana's quilts.  It is a scrappy dresden.

Lana likes to make scrappy quilts, she can pull from her stash that way.

I think this is Dianne's.

Jerilu made this wool and cotton quilt.  She had a wonderful time working on this.

This almost looks stained glass.  This is Lana's.

Dianne made this giraffe and Jerilu made the fox below.

This is a great way to use up your scraps.

Dianne also did a grey and yellow wedge quilt that turned out beautiful.

These are wool chickens of Dianne's.

Jerilu got this kit from the Corn Wagon in Springville.  It is so cute.

Dianne's grand-daughter is the owner of this one.

This is one of my most favorite quilts in the whole world.  Lana has this displayed in her entry way and I love it.

Jerilu and her maple leaves.  Look at all the fabrics in each leaf.
These quilting ladies are some of my favorite.  I love getting together with them and sewing.  They really have some beautiful quilts and they are a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

October Guild Show and Tell

The talent in our guild is wonderful.  I love when these ladies show what they have been working on. This first quilt is one of Pat's.  She hasn't quilted it yet but it is beautiful.

Marie sent a gift to a friend and her friend sent this table topper back.  What a thoughtful friend.

Marie has been going through her stash like gangbusters.  She made another quilt top this month.

This runner was made from the Missouri Star tutorial.  It worked out nicely.  The one below is what you should not do.  It is still pretty.

Sandy made her zipper bag.  She plans on making these with her grand children.

Claudia finished her quilt top.  If I remember right she was teaching this class.

This little nine patch is also Claudia's.

Claudia was showing us how this cute owl quilt would have been better if she had paid attention to the value of all the owls.  I love the quilt.

Angeli is making this baby quilt from a panel she bought.  It is so cute.  It tells a story.

Becky is fabulous on her embroidery machine.  There is barbed wire quilting on this.

These are the blocks for the block of the month.  Rhea and Debbie are showing their examples.

These two are Pats.  She loves the fall and the colors of fall.  They are beautiful.

Last of all we have Shauna's quilt.  It is more modern.  She took a class to make this and she quilted it herself.  I really like this one.  It sort of reminds me of the stained glass my grandma had in her entryway.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Turkey Photo

I was at a Halloween party and snapped a photo of a friends turkey.  I used the prisma app on my phone to make it look like this.  I love how it turned out.  It is much better than the origional photo and looks like the turkey is heading to the wood shed.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mary Pritchett

Mary is my neighbor's daughter's quilt.  She worked on the Row by Row this year and won.  She actually won for Christmas Goose, in Las Vegas.  I love that store, by the way.  She traveled in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and California to get enough blocks to make the quilt.  She even quilted it her self.  She didn't use all the blocks that she made for this but she did a great job on it.  Good job, Mary.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Days for Girls

This month we had the Days For Girls charity service project to work on.  This is a charity that makes reusable pads for girls for feminine hygiene.  The girls in Africa would have to miss school or work during their cycle so this charity has created a way to make sure the girls could go to school.  They said that providing these products has been a great way to help bring these women out of poverty.

This is Jerilu, Becky and Rhea.  They are sewing the pads.

Angeli, Shauna and Marie are making inserts.

Claudia, Sandy and Kay are surging flannel for the inserts.

Here are the stacks of flannel I have been cutting.  We also have a representative from Days for Girls that came to tell us about the charity.  They take monitary donations or flannel and cotton.  She said that it is best to donate fabric only if you have it but don't go buy fabric because they can purchase in bulk for a great price.  They do need underwear though.  Here is their website, https://www.daysforgirls.org

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Making Sausage

Our Extension Office was offering a sausage making class for free this past week.  Kevin Heaton from the Garfield Extension Office was our teacher.  We made summer sausage and Brats from deer meat and pork butt.

This is Kevin making the sausage.

These had the natural gut casings.  They tasted great.

This was the summer sausage.  I really enjoyed the class.  I had to cancel the sewing group to be able to learn how to make sausage.  I don't think I am quite ready to put the money into all the equipment yet but I really enjoyed learning how to make it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween Is Coming

Halloween is coming.  We are looking forward to seeing you at our house.  Of course we are serving fried scones with honey butter to everyone.  Yes, I said everyone.  If you want to put your kids to bed and come up and sit and eat scones with us for a bit feel welcome.  You can come with the kids too while they are trick or treating.  You don't need to wear a costume to get one either.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Garfield County Fair Quilts

These are some of the quilts from our fair.  It has been a couple of months but my life has been extremely busy.  I love our fair and have loved participating in all the events.  My family looks forward to it all year.  Does your county fair do fun activities that you look forward to also?

This first quilt is Laretta's Utah quilt.  She has done a beautiful job on this quilt.  She does fantastic machine embroidery.

This one is a whole cloth tricot quilt that was hand quilted.

This one just blends in and you can't see it because it is camouflage.  Ha Ha.  Once when I was a lot younger I took my younger brother to pick up something from the police station.  He told me he was going to rob the police station and he would wear camouflage.  Nobody could see him if he wore camouflage.  I thought that was so funny.  I think this quilt was made out of army clothes.

I think this is darling.  I would love to do one like this with places in Panguitch.  Panguitch is changing though.  Shops are changing hands and who knows what it will look like with the new owners.

This is my daughter Sophie's quilt she made with the 4H.  They didn't have her enter it in with the 4H group because she was too young.

My daughter Zoey made this one.  It what impresses me is that she did it all.  She sewed the blocks together, marked it and tied it.  I helped bind it but she is really doing well for a 10 year old.

Isn't this a pretty pattern with the nine patch.  It is so pretty.

The square in a square is a nice pattern too.  This one is soft too.

My daughter tied this one.  Sophie is 8 and she tied it by herself.  I also helped her bind it.  The interesting thing about this one is that her great grand mother bought this fabric to make a quilt for a great grand child and here her great grand child made the quilt she had planned.

This was a runner for our LDS Temple project.

This is one of my favorite quilts.  Later made this one.  It is huge and I love it.

Becky is great at making the western quilts.  What am I saying?  She is a fabulous quilter on any quilt.

I can't remember if this one is Jerilu's or Dianne's.  It is a simple pattern and I think the pattern is called lasagna.

LaVee created this one.  She is fabulous.  She has made one for each of her grandchildren for when they get married.  I would not mind being one of her grand children.


This pattern may be the disappearing four patch.

I think this is one of Bee in My Bonnet patterns by Lori Holt.

This is a cute quilt and if I remember right Dianne made this one.

We did a round robin for the fair.  This quilt was made by Becky.  The top two blocks were made by Becky, the jars and pie was mine, the pin wheels was made by Linda, the sheep is Angeli's and the sunburst was Roxanna's.  Top marks for Becky for finishing.

This quilt of mini jars was created by Lana.  She amazes me.

Isn't this beautiful?

Angeli made this one.

Ok this is either Jerilu's or Dianne's.

Lana also created this one.  I love it.

LaVee made this dresden.

This is another one of our round robin quilts.  I think this one is LaRetta's.  My block is the bottom left block.

This is one of the ones that I would love to make.  I think this one is LaVee's.

Crystal created this fun quilt.  It is done with wool.  She is an amazing quilter.  This next one is hers also.

This last one is from Jennifer's daughter.

I hope you all keep up the good work.  I love this fair and hope you enjoy yours.  School is going well and I am enjoying all that I am learning.  I want to remind you all that my neighbors house is still for sale.  It has a spectacular view and is very well kept and maintained.  It is move in ready.  Contact me if you are interested and I will run next door and set up a time for you to see it.