Thursday, September 21, 2017

Quilt Walk Quilt Show 3

These are more of the quilts from our quilt show.  This first one is Jerilu's quilt.  It was quilted by Connie Biasi.

This is Radiant Elegance made by Norma Kerr.  It was paper pieced.

Left over kimonos is what this one is called.  It is also made by Norma Kerr.

This one is Moi Ami.  This was made by Billie McBride.  It was the first quilt she pieced.

Judy Woolley created this work of art.

This rag quilt was also made by Billie McBride.

Rhea Dearden made this quilt also.

Lana Foy made this quilt.  It is made to look like jars and lids.

Claudia Crump owns this beauty.  She bought it in an antique store.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Quilt Walk Quilt Show 2

These are the next set of Quilt Walk Quilt Show quilts.  I hope you enjoy them.  This first quilt is the Smith Family Reunion Quilt.  It was made using family photos.  They also had cousins sign in the nine patch blocks.  This was made by Norma Kerr.

This next one is Claudia's Quilt Walk quilt.  

This is Christmas Joy that was made by Norma Kerr.  It is machine embroidered.

These two photos are close ups of the Smith Family quilt.

This one is made by Merlene.  It is hand quilted, I think by Pauline Prince.

Norma Kerr is the quilt artist that made this one.  She says she dreamed it was spring and she dreamed up this quilt.

Rhea Dearden made this with the block of the month quilt blocks from our guild.

This is a family Picture quilt.  This is owned by Merilyn Veater.

Lyllian Lefever made this quilt.  It was a round robin for our guild.  It was quilted by Linda Walters.

Lillian Lefever made this and donated it to the Lions Club for their scholarships.

This Halloween Fun quilt was made by Norma Kerr.  She really is tallented.  I hope you all enjoyed the quilts.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Quilt Walk Quilt Show

These are the quilts that were hung at the Quilt Walk Quilt Show.  There was no judging and only voted on peoples choice.  These are just for your pleasure to see and I don't have patterns.
I think this one is made by Jerilu.  It has been a while so I may be wrong.

That extra block coming out gives this one a new dimension.  

I sort of think these are Sandy's Quilts.  They are happy quilts.

Is the the cutes fox?  This is Jerilu's and it was made with that foundation piecing.

These two are Heather's.  She enjoys the modern look.

Dianne or Jerilu made this one.  Theirs look so similar to me.  Only they can tell them apart.

This last one is Sheree's quilt depicting the origional quilt walk when the settlers went to get help and supplies to save the Panguitch settlement.  They traveled over the mountains to Parawan sinking down in the snow.  When they knelt to pray they realized that they didn't sink while they were on quilts.  They made their way across the mountains one quilt at a time.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Fun of Tasting

Let me introduce my friend, Cami.  We have so much fun together.  She loves to cook and is what I would call a foodie.  We like to critique food.  It may sound funny but we really enjoy this.  We have gone to the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives that are around to also try these foods.  We enjoy trying new restaurants.  Some we have loved and some not so much.  Cami is a great cook and baker.  This was our second bakery tasting.  Let me tell you this is very inexpensive entertainment, depending on the place you are buying your food.  All of this food was about $16.  It came from a pasteleria in Vegas.  
We purchased a good selection of items that appealed to us.  There was a lot more selection but these appealed to us.  The bakery has other items that looked great also.

So this is what we do.  We cut the item into several pieces.  We then taste it and discuss it.  This particular item I think was called a cinnamon elephant ear.  It was very good.

Any way we love this sort of thing.  Yes you are over loaded with sugar after a tasting like this but it is great fun.  After we have a taste of everything and discussed it the family is free to help them selves.  We at this time decide if we would ever return to this bakery.  My friend Cami says we are like Yelp.  We can give others recommendations.

I just want to let you know that I started school again and so my blog may not be as consistent as it has been in the past.  I hope you are all doing well.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Guild Show and Tell

Our August meeting was not very full.  I think everyone had a lot going on.  We did have an enjoyable time though.  This first scrappy quilt is Crystal's.   It is so happy and bright.

This block is impressive.  These have been Crystal's also.

Crystal is really liking pineapples.  She put this together with her scraps.  She is now low on yellow scraps.  She said that she has been cutting all her scraps in to precut sizes and then just taking form those precuts to make some quilts.

Keela showed us her cute nine patch quilt.  I love the scallops.

This is a comfy baby quilt she made.

Keela, Gwen and Crystal made these little see through bags.  Keela said it took about an hour though the tutorial said about 30 min.  They are made using the clear plastic on the front and quilting your own backing.

Gwen finished another couple of  bench pillows.

Lillian finished her challenge block.

Now Marie has been going like gang busters on her stash busting quilts.  She must be in first place with all these tops she has been creating.

This is a stunning one that Marie has made.

This baby quilt is done with the fleece.  I am truly impressed with all she has gotten done.  All of these ladies amaze me.  They are fabulous and I am glad to know them.  This last one is a baby quilt Marie made also using her stash.