Thursday, October 27, 2016

Canning Juice

Canning gives you such a good feeling.  I have been canning grape juice and making apple sauce.  I like to use everything up including the apple cores and peels.  I put them in the steamer along with the tail end of some grapes and the juice comes out really nice.  I have grape juice, apple juice and the cocktail of apple and grape juice.  Then you can toss the steamed grapes and apple peels into the compost.  The juice is beautiful.  

These are the apples I'm making into sauce.  They are so tasty.
Oh boy, I wish you could taste this fabulous juice.  My favorite is the concord juice but the other grapes are good too.
I just pile the rinsed grapes into the steamer and let them steam.  The juice comes out the spout piping hot.  I love this steamer.  One of my son's has already said he wants it when I decide to give it up and he was only about ten when he said it.

I was peeling the apples.  These are apples from my tree.  They are organic and have holes and blemishes.  This one looks like chicken little.  I thought it was cute.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pumpkin Sign

I was able to go to the Panguitch 1st Ward's Super Saturday.  A Super Saturday is a Saturday that you get together and make crafts.  It was a load of fun.  Besides it is always great to visit with friends and create.  They were making some candle jars that were darling and some wooden candle holders too.  They had some aprons and pillow beds to make also.  This is what I made.  It was so fun.  I haven't painted in a long time and then I pulled out my wood burning set and used it for the first time.  I love how it turned out.  

This is the style that they had the sample for.  My daughter in law was able to come with me and make one.  Isn't that cute too?  It is so fun to create.  The first ward was so inviting too.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Jerilu is making this Foxy quilt.  It is made using the interfacing that has the grid on it.  Carmen Gedes teaches this method and sells the printed pellon.  The fox turned out so cute.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

String Art

Our local 4H group has been working on a cute project.  It is called string art.
This is an owl that the leader made.  I think it is so cute.  My daughter Zoey is doing a unicorn.  It is not very close to being done.  She is loving the project though.  I have thought that a big pumpkin would be a cute project to do.  Jamie is the leader here in Panguitch.  She is great.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wonderful Brie Cheese

I don't know about you but I love cheese.  It is so good.  I especially love Brie.  Its creamy center is great on crackers or just sliced.  The other day I was eating some Brie and thought about how good it is with fruit.  That lead me to try it with some of the raspberry jam I had just made.

Oh my, was that good.  It almost looks like caviar.  The sweetness of the jam with the creamy cheese was the perfect combination.  I am sure many of you are canning all the wonderful fruits and veggies that you have harvested.  Raspberries are one of my most favorites.  I also did some blackberry jam.  That stuff is great too.  I was too late to get the elderberries.  All the birds ate them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Family History

I have been working on my family history or genealogy.  It has been a load of fun for me.  I have been going to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Family History Center each week.  It is free there and you can even use their computers and internet.  I go when my friend Linda goes because she is a wealth of information.  There are workers there to help you with what ever you need to progress your family tree.  Well this past week I was there and found that my line has been worked on back to the 600's.  Well, I found out that I am a descendent of the Sea King.
Sorry about the photo.  I took the picture of the screen with my phone.  My family has enjoyed talking about this.  My sister says she is a mermaid and to just call her Areal.  I do wonder about these people and what their life was like.  I wonder if he was really a pirate that plundered all the other ships.  What ever he was doing, I have loved looking up my ancestors and thinking about them. I hope you have a chance to look up yours too.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hiking Bryce Canyon

I went hiking with a my cousin.  Bryce was so beautiful.  It has been cooler here which made it perfect for our hike.   I recommend using the free bus to take you to the various trail heads.  We started on one trail and ended on another, it wasn't a big deal because the bus took us to the car. 
The next day I decided to take the girls.  When we saw the sign that said to Fairyland they were all excited.  We enjoyed our visit.  I was glad our hike was shorter the second day.

Itsn't the rainbow pretty?  The rain did make it muddy but what a beautiful day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

American Quilting

American Quilting has some beautiful quilts on display.  They may inspire you. I really like the fabrics they have in their shop.  Their variety speaks to me.  They also have wool with cute patterns but it isn't hand dyed wool.  If you sign up for their email, you get a monthly coupon.  

In the Garden is a pretty pattern.

This is a simple  but pretty quilt.

This one looks like suns.

This one is fun.  It almost has circles as another pattern within the pattern.

I love dresden plate quilts.  They remind me of my friend Helen that moved to Oregon.  So cute.

This barn quilt is nice.  They had a class where you painted them your self.  I would love to make one.

This Halloween quilt is so cute.  I wish I would have checked go see if it was done with a pannel.

Some quilts just say warm and cuddly. I think this on does just that.

Look how cute theses are.  This is  the row by row challenge.  If you missed it you had better hurry they start charging at some point.