Thursday, October 27, 2016

Canning Juice

Canning gives you such a good feeling.  I have been canning grape juice and making apple sauce.  I like to use everything up including the apple cores and peels.  I put them in the steamer along with the tail end of some grapes and the juice comes out really nice.  I have grape juice, apple juice and the cocktail of apple and grape juice.  Then you can toss the steamed grapes and apple peels into the compost.  The juice is beautiful.  

These are the apples I'm making into sauce.  They are so tasty.
Oh boy, I wish you could taste this fabulous juice.  My favorite is the concord juice but the other grapes are good too.
I just pile the rinsed grapes into the steamer and let them steam.  The juice comes out the spout piping hot.  I love this steamer.  One of my son's has already said he wants it when I decide to give it up and he was only about ten when he said it.

I was peeling the apples.  These are apples from my tree.  They are organic and have holes and blemishes.  This one looks like chicken little.  I thought it was cute.


  1. What kind of steamer do you use for the grape juice.

  2. This is a steamer, I don't know the brand. It is segmented with water in the bottom level, the juice drips into the next level and has a spout that a tube is attached to drain into the jars, then the top has the fruit with a lid. I have used it with pears, grapes, apples, crabapples, peaches, and I am sure the possibilities are endless. Every once in a while you can find them at the thrift stores. Mine is from the thrift store.