Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Choosing Quilt Walk Classes

Last night was quite a Halloween.  We had more people come than ever before.  We give out scones and I am sure I gave out over 400 scones.  It was non stop from 5:10-9:15.

This last Wednesday we got together, not only for our usual open sew but also to look at the quilt class proposals.  Becky is so organized, she is truly amazing.  She showed us the photos of the sample quilts.  There were some amazing quilts and classes.  It was a fun time.  There were a lot of proposals too.  I am sure that many will be cut just because we don't have room for some of the classes.  We put in our votes and we will see what was the final decision when they are put up on the web.

Here are a few of our ladies that helped with determining what classes we want.

Donna has been busy and finished these aphagans.

Dianne made this darling baby quilt top.  She said the book that it comes out of has many darling patterns for baby's.

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