Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holliday Ornaments

Kay was showing us some fun ideas for Christmas ornaments.  This first one is a pine cone from fabric squares and pins.  There is no sewing for this project, just pins and fabric and a styrofoam egg shape.  Make sure you talk to Kay if you need any of these patterns.

The pears are cute.  My favorite is the wool ones but all of them are cute.  You could even do apples to hang on your tree.

Now I didn't go to this class but it looks like this is made out of left over batting.  I know we all have plenty of that.

Kay bought this sock but I do love it.  I have seen little ones made from cut off glove fingers with greenery coming out the tops.  They are so cute.

I admire all of those that can make things like this bell.  I have yet to learn how to follow a pattern to crochet.

I love these pears.  They would be cute pin cushions too.

The  bird and the pear below even show their seams and look good.  Thanks Kay for all the cute ideas.

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