Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Holliday Treat Ideas

At our last guild meeting we had different stations to learn new Holliday ideas.  Sandy Johnson was our Holliday treat instructor.  She has such cute ideas.  I do have to say all of her chocolates are fabulous.  I thought these little cherry chocolate mice were adorable.  They are made with a cherry chocolate, a kiss, some almond slivers and white chocolate.

I love rice crispy squares.  These are rice crispy squares all dolled up.  They have  red and green chocolate on them and a stick.

I could have eaten these all night.  they were like turtles but I was teaching a different class so I don't know how to make them.  These were my favorite to eat.

Finally the melted snow men.  These had the white chocolate with pretzels (arms), a candy corn (nose), half a peanut butter cup (the hat), and m&m's (buttons).  Each piece was broken so that each person has all of the parts.  They were so cute.

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