Thursday, November 24, 2016

Holliday Runners

Here are some great ideas for you to make for gifts this year to give at Christmas.  These are not too complicated and I am sure you all could just whip them up.

These ornaments are simple.  I think they were done with fusible appliqué and so were the joy ones.  

This crocheted doily looks more complicated because I am not a crocheter.  It is cute though.

I think these represent wreaths.  

I can't remember who taught these but I am sure you could ask around and someone will know.  They are fun ideas and you could change these up for any Holliday.  You could put thanks for Thanksgiving, Love for Valentines, even Boo for Halloween.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Thanks for reading my blog.  I love the creative crafting community.


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