Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Meet The Teachers At The Quilt Walk

We had a night, at the Quilt Walk, to meet the teachers and see what they were teaching.  This was Emily Bailey's.
LaReesa Baldwin taught these quilts.  She is also an extremely talented quilter.  She resides in Beaver if you are interested in having her quilt for you.

My friend went to this class that Emily taught and she said it was wonderful.  My friend is a beginner  and felt it was beginner friendly.

I think this is Brenda Bailey.  I heard her class was a technique class.  I also heard it was full of information.

Lynette Bingham taught Choose this Day.  The photo does not do this quilt justice.  

I Love this quilt.  I think it is also Lynette Bingham's.

This is Bird on a wire.  Cute.  This was supposed to be taught by Maudi Borget.

These flowers were done with chenille I think.  They were so cute.  This was taught by Annette Rawlinson.  They Quilt Walk had some really fun classes at a great price.  These were just a few of the classes that were offered.  Check in February to see what classes are offered this next year.

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