Tuesday, April 14, 2015

March Quilt Guild Lareesa Baldwin

Lareesa Baldwin from Beaver, Utah came and talked to us in our guild meeting.  She does loads of machine quilting along with her husband.  They also sell Riley Blake fabrics for 6.00 a yard out of their shop.  She has done a lot of the quilting for the ladies here in Panguitch and from our guild.  This first quilt is Crystal's.  Lareesa quilted it for Crystal.  It is truly amazing.
This quilt won the peoples choice for our Quilt Walk Festival.  By the way if you are interested in coming to any of the classes during the Quilt Walk, you will need to sign up soon.  The classes are filling up fast and some are even closed.  The site is http://www.quiltwalk.org.  It is the second weekend in June.

Lareesa has quilted for a friend of hers for years and she was kind enough to let her show some of her quilts.  I don't remember which ones were Lareesa's or her friends.  Lareesa did all the quilting though.  

This is our wonderful Bev holding this fun Thanksgiving quilt.

Laressa got these blocks from a garage sale and they were hand stitched.  She sewed them together to make this beautiful quilt.

This yo-yo quilt was made by her daughter.  I love it.  These quilts are so delicate.

She said that this quilt is one you can make in an afternoon.  The buttons are really nice.

This is a poor photo of Lareesa but this is her.  

This Chicken Run was adorable.

Darling Christmas runner.

This is a jelly roll race quilt.  It turned out cute.

This is a scrap quilt that Lareesa said was really fun to make and very easy.  

Really, we enjoyed Lareesa's visit.  If you need to have something quilted she does a great job at a reasonable price.  She lives in Beaver, Utah so give her a call.

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