Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fruita, Colorado Thrift Shop

I was in Fruita, Colorado over the Easter Weekend and found this little thrift shop near the City Market.  I am in no need of wool at the moment but decided to check out the prices and selection of wool.  I like going to thrift shops when I am on vacation to see what they each have to offer.  I was really pleased to find these wool items for great prices.  I got all this for less than 10.50.  That is a skirt, two pair of pants, three jackets and some kids gloves.  I haven't seen prices this low in a while so I picked up some to add to my stash.

When you look for wool it is best to find 100% wool.  I have been looking for light colors to dye and I was lucky this day.
The pants have moth holes in them but that doesn't bother me, especially for 1.00.  When you bring the wool items home, be sure you wash them right away to get any bug eggs washed out.  You would not want to have a moth problem eating away your wool.

The grey has a herring bone pattern, the tan jacket has a longer pile that makes me think it is another camel hair jacket.  I used the last camel hair jacket to make a green grass color and it was beautiful.  The skirt has 2% lycra in it so I need to see how it felts up.  I have not used this combination before so we will see how it turns out.  The black pants and jacket are great darks but the cream pants will be fabulous to dye.  I just wish it had a pattern.  The patterned light colors are hard for me to find.  Can you believe all this for just over 10 dollars.  That was a fabulous deal.

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