Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Fall Block

This is the block I am working on for a round robin I am participating in.  It is for our guild.  This is the design I drew up.  It has some focus fabrics that you have to use.  I used the yellow for my corn, green for the stems and purple for the base of the grapes.  I have to make 23 blocks so I need to really get going on it.

I will see how much time I have if I will do the vines and words.  I like it with out too.  I need to dye more orange for the pumpkins and green for the leaves but I have it almost all cut out.  I am not quite done stitching on my sample one.  I do like how it is coming together though.
I am going to be going to Baltimore in May.  Does any one recommend any quilt shops or museums? I would think that there should be a great place to see baltimore album quilts.  If any of you have suggestions please let me know.

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