Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Working With Wool Class

Wonders with Wool at the Utah Valley Quilt Guild July Fair

This class was so fun.  Just think of the possibilities you can make with those old wool sweaters you have.  This class was taught by Lisa Dunn and Karen Shepard.  It was a make it take it class too.  They made these trees and put pins where the moth holes were in the sweater that they used.  The mittens are so darling, even the buttons on the sweater were used.

These purses were so fun.  They laid fabric behind the wool and stitched and then cut away inside the leaves.  I love the look.  Notice the part that curves in to the top that was where the arm holes were.  She lines the purses too.

They said that to make the stocking you have to make a seam diagonally to the heel to make it hang right.  The embroidery and the design were already on the sweaters that they used.  Aren't they so fun.

That top black bag was one of my favorites.  The handle is hanging on the other side of the table so you cannot see it but I love it.  The bottom on is showing how you don't need to turn under your seams after you have felted your wool sweater.  They used a long whip stitch to sew down their designs.

Those are needle books for your on the go stitching needs.  The pumpkins are so festive.  The candle on the left was just a sleeve of a sweater and they used the seams to make the flowers.

They were using up left overs to make these pin cushions.  The outer cupcake is a cuff of a sweater.

Look how they used the detail from the front of the sweater to make this stocking darling.  Those are the clasps to close the sweater.  They said that they like to shop at the thrift shops to find their sweaters.

To felt your wool, you need to put your sweaters in your washer.  The top loading washers seam to work best.  You wash your sweater on hot and cold rinse.  You dry it in the dryer.  It will be felted after that process and should be several sizes smaller.  If it isn't 100% wool you may not be as pleased with your result but I would still try it.
This sweater has the embroidery that came on it.  It is now a bag but the handle is folded back under.

These ladies were really fun to listen too.  I felt like coming home and making something darling.

I thought this was such a great idea.

They waisted nothing from the sweaters.  They used the seams to make the flowers.  They said that if it didn't felt up well they made sure that they had the edges in the seams.  That is a scarf next to the pillow.  It was made from lots of different sweaters.

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