Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Guild Show and Tell

This is Claudia Crump's quilt.  She will be teaching this I think at Ruby's next year.  She is a phenomenal teacher.  If you are in need of a teacher for a retreat or shop you may want to consider Claudia.  She is delightful to have around.

Becky made this chevron quilt.  She said it is made with rectangles.  The first picture is the front and the second is the back.

Claudia made these table toppers with boarder fabric.  They are really neat.

Claudia is also teaching this, I think it is retro lattice.  I am not sure though.  It is using that curve ruler that you use for metro rings.  I love it.

This is another of the eagle quilts that Claudia is making for her grandson's that get their eagle scout award. 

Lyllian made this pillow, the pillow cases below and the quilt all to match.  I love the design.  My husband really loved it.

This is Sandy.  Se made this Summer Bench pillow.

I think this was Sandy's too.  

Sandy made this from the blocks that we exchanged years ago in guild.  We would bring twelve 6 inch blocks and then they would exchange with everyone so you would have a variety.

This daisy quilt is nice and also Sandy's.

Sandy made this chevron quilt using half square triangles.  She said it was easy.

This is Sandy's jelly roll race.  
Tanya made these bench pillows.  Not just one of each, but three.  Wow.

This is a pannel.  I bought one of these too but she is ahead of me in making this patriotic quilt.

Now if I remember right, this is also Tanya's.  Her grandmother got these blocks from Relief Society. They are signature blocks.  The quilt got all worn out so her grandmother took it apart and gave the blocks to Tanya.  Tanya remade it and it is phenomenal.

I should have really zoomed in.

I love these Halloween prints they are so cute.

This is the front and back of Cheri's quilt.  It was quilted by Connie in Parowan.  

I wish I had better pictures of these blocks.  Sheree hand embroidered these blocks for her grandson's graduation.  She is starting now and each block represents something in his life.

Crystal makes beautiful quilts.

This one is really cute.  

This is Keela's quilt.  It is so happy.
Our guild really produces some beautiful quilts and the ladies are wonderful.

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