Saturday, September 12, 2015

Photography and Fine Arts Exhibit

Our photography and fine arts exhibits were not as large as I had hoped.  I am calling out for more participation next year.  I know many of you have beautiful pictures hiding in your computers or somewhere at home.  It is time to share. 
These are the kids paintings.

My son painted the black and white winter scene.  He got a reserve sweep stakes.  He didn't want me to enter it but I am glad I did.  He does beautiful work.

The top two photos are mine.  My daughter is on the left.  I also did the baseball collage.

Those two top paintings are paint by numbers.  I think they are really nice.

There was only one person entering in the High School level.  I think I need to bring that up at the school so the kids can prepare.

People from another county come and judge for us.  They really leave nice comments for us.  It is nice of them to give of their time.

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