Thursday, May 7, 2015

Small Town Prom

Prom in our small town is a whole town event.  Families and friends all come to dance and see the Juniors all decked out in formal dress.  This year had a country theme and was decorated accordingly.  The juniors and their parents put enormous amounts of work to make the event look nice.

When my oldest son was a junior I had told my friend that I wouldn't be around for prom.  She told me there is no way that I could miss it.  I was glad I didn't.  I know my photos aren't that great.  My phone had a hard time in the dark and I didn't want to carry around my big camera.

This is the gym floor.  They had a saddle in the center that turned around.  I don't know why I didn't get closer.  Oh yes, I was trying to save our place.  Since the whole town comes you want a good seat.  The kids are first introduced and then they perform the promenade, which is when they walk around the gym and then do a dance for everyone.  After that they dance with a parent.  It is really touching.  I love that part.  Then they have the dance with their date.  Then everyone dances and visits.

This was part of the promenade.

This is my Sophie, she and her sister look forward all year to the prom.  They plan how they will wear their hair and what dress.  

If you look back at the walls, those are all people and up above.  The side I was on had the bleachers full.  
The school makes sure all the juniors have dates and all are included in the planning.

This was the parent child dance.  My junior prom was nothing like this.  There were no parents and no prepared dance.  This is quite the event.

This is my husband and daughter dancing and below is my son and my other daughter dancing.  Like I said it is a whole family event.

Here are the prom king and queen.  They got hats this year to go with the theme.  This is one of the best small town events we have.

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