Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trish's Barbie Clothes

This past sewing night Trish brought a box of Barbie clothes that her mother had made.  This box was quite a treasure.  Her mother has passed away and so these clothes bring her lots of fond memories.  These were extreamly well made.  Actually I don't think I have ever seen such well made barbie clothes.

You are only seeing a small portion from this box.  I could not believe the work that went into these clothes.

This coat would not lay right for me to take a picture of the other side but let me say it was darling.

Square dance dresses are so fun.

Here was one of the piles from the box.  We couldn't believe how many were there.  Now this box was full of the unfinished ones.  They all need snaps and clasps or velcro.  

There were several western vests.  The denim ones even had the western yolk.

I would call this a Love Boat Dress.  My soon to be daughter in law had no idea what a Love Boat dress was.  That sure dates me.

I remember kids in my high school wearing these types of jackets.

Trish also had patterns for clothes for Dean Doll and another doll that I had never heard about.  Those patterns were for more georgous doll clothes, more of the designer type.  I loved seeing all of these.  I think my girls would have really enjoyed the Barbie clothes fashion show too.

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