Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Years Inspiration

When I was growing up my grandmother had a quilt made with this pattern on one of the beds upstairs.  It was really heavy, which I loved because it was so cold up there in the winter.  Corn Wagon had this Frivols kit on sale the day I went in and so I bought it.  Isn't it a happy quilt.  It brings back fond memories of my grandparents.

I have this pattern now also.  I am hoping to have it made by next Christmas.

I love these quilts.  I now wish I had checked who had made these and who the patterns are from.  I am sure Corn Wagon Quilt Shop could tell any of you.

I am sure MaryAnn Michaels made this.  She does such beautiful work.

Isn't this acute pattern.  

I still want to make one of these Granny Square quilts.

Hopefully you are all inspired to make some beautiful warm quilts this winter.  While the snow is flying keep those hands warm, quilting.

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