Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sewing Night

Our Wednesday sewing night was so much fun this time.  We had a ton of show and tell.  Remember everyone is welcome and we would love to have any of you come.  It is at the senior citizen center here in Panguitch, at 6:00 every Wednesday except the third.  We go to Guild that week.

This is Reah's Quilt.   I don't recall the pattern but it is pretty.

Jerilu made this baby quilt.  She put the large panel on the back and it sure turned out well.  It is so cute.

Helen appliqued the little Scotti dogs on this quilt.  She is giving it to one of her great grandsons.

This is another one of Jerilu's.  I love it.

I sort of think this was Reah's but I could be mistaking.  

This one is Reah's and It is darling.

Joan is working on this one for a baby.  It is soft and beautiful.

Reah has done this one also.  She hasn't been to our sewing nights for a while so she is catching up by showing us all of her projects.  She is awesome.

Claudia is making the eagle quilts for the grand kids that are getting their eagle scout award.

This is another look at Dianne's quilt.   Nice.
LaVee is making this for a new baby grandson.  She says you crochet a single, double, single in one hole then skip one and do the same.  She says it is super easy but then she is all talented.  It looks like bubbles all over.

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